Day 827: I am not Going Back to the City

We have lived in Kehra for 2 years now. In fact, on day 827, January 13, we might have even celebrated the 2nd anniversary of buying our apartment. We didn’t because we didn’t think about it. But yes, January 13, 2017 was the day when we signed the contract and became home owners.

Kehra is a small town. More like a village, in some parts of the world where even our capital (400,000+ people), even our entire country (1.3 million people) would be considered tiny. But this village-like community is actually a town. We have two bigger grocery stores, two smaller. Two cafés/restaurants, third one joining them this spring, one kebab kiosk, one gas station, one museum, two kindergartens, a school, a stadium, a factory, a park, a river… There’s something of everything. Compared to what people call a ‘village’ in the UK, for instance, we are much better developed. Because it’s not a village. It’s a town. Only the number of inhabitants can be compared to that of village in other countries.

Our office is in the city. 13 minutes on foot, 19 or 27 minutes on the train (depending on whether it’s an express train or not), another 4 minutes on foot. On average, 40 minutes from our apartment door to our office door. The trains are fast, they speed through the forest, they cut all the corners that you would need to tackle when going by car. Driving the car to the city takes longer than the train. It’s 41 kilometres. And scraping the snow and ice off the car also takes quite a lot of time before we can get going. We have only used the car to move some stuff to our new office or to do some serious grocery shopping after work. Some things are cheaper there. We have a special place where we buy canned chickpeas, extra salty mineral water, and nuts (have you seen how expensive nuts normally are?). We work in the city. Well, my husband works in the city. I have largely given up on massages. I can do everything from home or any other location with Internet. Translation, administrative tasks for our company, my own writing, blogging… I don’t really need to be in the office. I do like getting away from home. The air is different in the office. The atmosphere more productive, putting me to work. I have big plans for my corner of the office. It will be a perfect place for creative stuff. There’s space. More than at home. Sometimes I do love working from home but sometimes it also drives me crazy. I am an introvert and do not really need other people but I need other walls surrounding me. Another kind of air to breathe.

That all being said, I think I don’t want to move back to Tallinn. I used to long for it, dream that one day we would be rich enough to have a house in Tallinn. Not anymore. The piece of land we bought is in Kehra. Once we build on there, we will want to stay. We will be building a house tailored exactly to our needs. Our precious.

I like the small community. Soon, I could make a difference here as well. It is a bit early to talk about it, but January 13 was also the day when I went to visit a friend who also lives here and who has big plans for this place. She never ceases to inspire me. I am lucky to live in the same town with her. She is going to make it mean so much more. This makes me want to do the same.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

I completed the dreadful translation in the morning. The end of the day when I visited a friend after having been to a local concert (which she organised) reassured me that we do want to live here. That we do want that house. That anything is possible. Motivation!

2. Write AND publish a book.

I didn’t write but talked about writing. I left my friend’s place with a book about writing a damn good book. I was on fire after that inspiring evening. I was certain that I do want to be a writer.

3. Win a major race.

A long run. So-so. Not the nicest weather. Cold and slippery and cold-cold-cold. Did I say it was cold?

Photo of the Day

There was an art exhibition at the local culture centre where we went for the concert. Obviously, this was my favourite painting!

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