Day 828: Moving Day

January 12, Saturday, an especially long day. First, I drove to Tallinn alone because I had an indoor arena workout included in my training plan. Once this was over, I joined my husband and lovely in-laws who had driven about 230 kilometres the night before to help us out. Yes, we have a car but I am a novice driver so I wouldn’t dare drive around with a trailer. They came, rented a trailer, and helped us move. When I was already warming up at the indoor arena, they (+my husband) were emptying our basement and loading the furniture onto the trailer. I arrived at the office 1.30pm, awfully late, and they were assembling a cupboard. All this proved to be harder than first anticipated because it wouldn’t stand properly. It was always tilted. Finally, after we had found a slightly different place for our beautiful carpet, the cupboard stood. Yes! We still had enough time to visit the Sotka furniture store and buy the sofa bed we wanted. A new model, but currently on sale. Saved 60% of the price. And saved quite a lot money by picking it up ourselves. The store was less than a 10-minute drive away but the transport would have been EUR 35, no matter the distance. The trailer rent for the day was EUR 17 and we got so much done with it! Win-win.

Once we were back in Kehra and the trailer had been returned to Jõelähtme, we visited the one and only pizza restaurant we have. Rong, translates into ‘train’. Turned out to be a nice and cosy place. All the pizzas are named after the stops on the route from Kehra to Tallinn. The names do reflect the places somewhat. For instance, there’s a stop called Kitseküla (‘goat’s village’) and the pizza named after it does have some goat cheese on it. All in all, I am glad that they opened that place last year. A nice addition to our small town.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Once the superlong workout and the big moving day were over, I didn’t go home to have a rest. I continued working on that awful translation. At one point, it was tedious, then it turned awful. I swore to myself that I would focus on writing once I was finished with it.

2. Write AND publish book.

Due to lots things happening at once, I clearly didn’t write a thing. Maybe it’s in my head that I need to earn lots and lots of money before I can dedicate myself to my passion, which is writing. Should think about it.

3. Win a major race.

When I was last indoors, running the 200-metre laps, the workout had failed because I was out of energy (LCHF diet). I had adjusted my approach to LCHF and felt better. I had to repeat the failed workout. 5×800 metres. I did it. With spasms in my stomachs (the 1st day of my period, always the worst), two painkillers and one capsule of Q10 (helps to release energy). Trainer was happy, I was happy. Finally getting faster!

Photo of the Day

Sparta training group at the indoor arena.

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