Day 830: Book Release!

On January 10, my new e-book was out. Wonderful how easy this process actually is. Yes, writing the whole thing takes time. Yes, inventing the recipes requires being precise (I’m more of an intuitive cook who doesn’t measure ingredients). Yes, the design process can be tedious at times and you might have to do repeat tasks manually, like inserting the page numbers (surely, there must be a better way?). But… isn’t it wonderful how easy the upload process is? My first experience with Kindle Publishing wasn’t such a pleasure but once I had downloaded the Kindle Create, I could convert the files with ease, without messing it all up.

I wrote a book that includes a 31-day meal plan. It gradually introduces healthy eating and starts with small changes. First, you need to replace your snacks or start eating them if you didn’t before. The next step involves replacing 1 meal in addition to snacks. And then, 2 meals. 3 meals. Before you realise it, you are eating healthy all day. For a maximum kick-start effect, a 9-day detox follows. It is gentle detox, which allows eating some grains, nuts, and fish as well. It’s not a fast. Once this phase is over, a 7-day balanced eating menu follows. In total, there are recipes for 31 days. That’s a lot. Sometimes I create weekly meal plans for my clients and they cost five times more than the book. Yes, they are personal and take into account a particular person’s daily schedule, food preferences, and cooking skills. But… if you want something to get started on the healthy track, the book is more than sufficient. If you want a personal meal plan, you could order it from me or from any other nutritionist but it does cost. Why? Because creating one takes a hell load of time!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

As I had finished my precious e-book and uploaded it, I finally managed to work on that damn translation. A big one, supposed to make me a tiny bit richer and a step closer to the house.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Book published at night and released for pre-order. Phew.

3. Win a major race.

Long speed training and running drills at the indoor arena. Lovely to see familiar faces but I was rather tired, having spent some of my sleeping hours awake, working on the book design. But… 15×100 metres = done!

Photo of the Day

Lunch at the T1 Mall next to our office. Falafels and other yummies from Fafa’s.

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