Day 831: Let’s Paint it Green!

Day 831, January 9 was the kind of day when we had no client appointments booked. Instead, we prepared for the big moving day that was quickly approaching us. Before we emptied our basement at home, we wanted to have the walls painted in the office. Painted green and cheerful. When we showed the colour options to the house manager, she thought that maybe our choice was too green but gave us the green light (ha-ha, pun). So we bought the lovely green paint and got to work. The first touch of a brush against the wall is always a delight. The next ten are even more delightful. I hate all the preparation work, it takes such a long time. I love the painting process because it is such a visible thing. You can see the results happening right in front of your eyes.

At home, we have used bold colours and haven’t got tired of them in the two years we have lived here. Our kitchen is green, our hallway blue, our living room a mix of orange and grey, while our bedroom is soft pink and we also have a photo wallpaper with the image of a lavender field. Our home has a character. It is not neutral, it is vivid. We love this. This is so us. And we also wanted some of it in the office with us. Before we got out the paint, the walls were in different shades of grey. Boring. Some grey is fine but green is definitely better.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Worked a bit on our renovation skills when we painted the office. When we got back home, I finished designing my 31-day meal plan book because it had to be up on Amazon before midnight.

2. Write AND publish a book.

I had managed to edit my creative portfolio quite a lot the day before and didn’t work on it. Instead, I spent hours and hours designing my e-book for its release. My back hurt when I finished but at least it was done.

3. Win a major race.

An easy run in relative darkness.

Photo of the Day

The roads were quite fine to drive on. Driving back home around 4pm.

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