Day 833: Let’s Talk about Lasnamäe

January 7, Monday, another day in Tallinn. Curiously enough, we managed to stay within the limits of one district of Tallinn: Lasnamäe. Our office is in Lasnamäe but actually very close to the city centre region. It doesn’t feel like Lasnamäe, it’s kind of central and business-like. For me, Lasnamäe has always been about big apartment building blocks and it truly is the most populated district of Tallinn. But… there’s so much more to it. As we drove around Lasnamäe in the pursuit of a huge carpet, curtains and other essentials required to furnish our office, we noticed how much space there actually is in Lasnamäe. This allows for big stores being built. We realised that we don’t actually need to go anywhere else when we want something for our office or, in the future, for our home. There are at least 4 (possibly more, these are the ones that I can think of on the top of my head) construction stores where you can get wallpaper or pipes for your bathroom. There’s a huge carpet centre, from which we just bought a large carpet, measured and cut just to the size that we need and a lot cheaper than ordering a similar ready-made massive carpet online. There are many big food supermarkets, many of them wholesale stores for hotels and restaurants. I do admit that our company has a customer loyalty card for one of them but I pay for the goods as a private person. This is where we get our nuts, chickpeas, cheese, tomato paste, mineral water (these particular items are cheaper there than elsewhere but we do buy other things from there as well). Oh, and the large Ülemiste shopping centre and the brand new T1 Mall of Tallinn (basically our neighbour) are both in Lasnamäe. There’s even a cinema! Maybe it’s time to rethink Lasnamäe. Most certainly, we will be buying all the necessary stuff from there in the future. There’s everything!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

We don’t have any internet in the office. Yet. But I could still work on typing in my recipes for the meal plan book. And voila, I finished with those. A few introductory paragraphs to add and then it is time for the book design process. When we got home, I spent some hours online, translating. I might not like marketing texts, I guess. They are so fluffy and tedious.

2. Write AND publish a book.

An important milestone in the book process. All the recipes and weekly menus typed in. It does take time if you need to make a plan for 31 days.

3. Win a major race.

Just an easy run in the morning at home. Being on the LCHF diet, I did feel a bit dizzy at first but managed to do it anyway.

Photo of the Day

Driving in the fog again.

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