Day 834: Messing Around with LCHF

I decided to give LCHF diet a try and by January 6 I had been trying to adhere to its rules for 6 days. Where did all that come from? Well, it started last year. To be precise, on the last day of the year when we went to visit friends and the dinner was LCHF – low carb, high fat. This translated into beautiful variations of vegetable dishes + some chicken and homemade turkey mince patties. I don’t even remember how many different salads we had on the table. Loaded with vegetables and dressed with a high-fat dressing or mixed with avocado to boost the healthy fat content. I was a bit sceptical about it. How can you say no to fruit? And not eat grains? But she said that she did eat fruit once a day. Well, I could live with that. It doesn’t have to be super-restrictive.

The LCHF focuses on eating high-quality fats and just a few carbohydrates, mostly from vegetables. It is mainly used to lose weight and I do need to drop 3-4 kg to reach optimal racing weight (calculated this based on Matt Fitzgerald’s book Racing Weight). This diet teaches the body to use fats for energy. Fat adaptation. Ideally, the body would switch to glyconeogenesis and produce glucose from fat. The brain needs glucose so if you don’t want to sit in brain fog, this is crucial. Not many incoming carbs mean that you might feel dizzy and tired. I certainly was. At first, I couldn’t even accuse the LCHF way of eating because it didn’t feel awfully restrictive. I was still eating a bit of fruit. I wasn’t doing the radical 5% carbs only approach. It was more like 20% carbs. This still meant eating 3 times fewer carbs than before. Like most runners, I might be relying heavily on carbs. I thought it was fine. Maybe it is. At least, during the competition season, which is in summer. For me, now is possibly the only time when I could experiment with my diet and try and lose some weight. On the other hand, I might even modify this approach because my intense training sessions were disastrous. I simply couldn’t run as fast as needed. Considering the fact that producing energy from fat requires 20% more oxygen, it is no wonder that it was so hard. And I was on the indoor arena which has super dry air anyway. Let’s see if gentle carboloading for hard workouts pays off. And then I could eat fats and protein on rest days when I have to run slower.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Continued working on a translation because the deadline which used to be so far away had become pressing. After this one, I really need to focus on my books and studies.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Stupid translation didn’t leave me any time for writing.

3. Win a major race.

Long run felt like running on an empty tank. After this, I decided to take it easier on LCHF. I also tried a new workout in the evening, a circuit training in the local gym. That was nice. I didn’t sweat much and didn’t feel nauseous anymore.

Photo of the Day

Yet another snowy day.

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