Day 835: Furniture Pursuit

A new office requires new furniture. Or maybe someone else’s old furniture. The second-hand furniture stores are quite OK in Estonia. After our indoor arena workout, we drove to Konverter, a furniture outlet which happened to be about 600 metres from our training place. Why did I have to drive there?? 600 metres! Considering how narrow and full of cars the street was, I do wish we had walked instead. But what if we had bought something? Something big? This time, we didn’t buy anything, just took a bunch of photos of sofas, room separators, and floor lamps. There was quite a lot of interesting stuff. I even felt the urge to start redecorating our own home OR build that damn house quicker so there would be loads of rooms to decorate!

Used furniture does mean old stuff, but could also indicate quality. If such and such piece survived its previous owner(s), it might be sturdy enough to serve us for a long time as well. Or… it could fall apart in a week. You never know. Some sofas in the store were even new. But even with the small-ish price tages we decided to leave ourselves some more time to think before purchasing. January is known for its sales. The stores want to get rid of all the things they didn’t manage to sell around Christmas. I don’t think many people bought sofas for Christmas, quite a few were on sale in other stores. Ha! And surfing around, we found a brand new pretty sofa which was actually cheaper (199 vs 250 EUR) than the used ones. This is a discount price, the normal price is supposed to be 499 EUR. Better act quick, no one knows how long the discount may last.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

We spent most of the day in Tallinn. Left after 10am for the arena workout, returned around 5pm as we were driving around stores and also took some office stuff into our office. I did work for a few hours in the evening because translations tend to have deadlines.

2. Write AND publish a book.

I was too deflated to do anything creative so the book had to wait. On days like these, I am better at non-creative writing, i.e. translating. It does require some creativity, I have to admit, but I don’t have to create anything new, just play around with words a bit.

3. Win a major race.

A hard indoor training, at which I failed. I didn’t have the energy/power for these 800-metre intervals. I did only 2×800 and then finished off with 3×400. I felt dizzy, my head was spinning at the end of each one of them. This has to do with my new way of eating, which might sadly not be the best option for training athletes. Will be writing about this later. The rest of the training (we did spend more than 2 hours there) was already easier: jumping onto large boxes and mats, core exercises, etc.

Photo of the Day

Indoor arena workout group. Sparta!

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