Day 837: New Office!

January 3, the day when I drove into the heart of Tallinn for the very first time and quite enjoyed it. I do enjoy driving in the capital, although I thought it would be a disaster. It isn’t. It’s more like solving a puzzle: which lane to take if I want to turn left there, can I turn right there, etc. It’s exciting! I don’t like the snowy part. We did spend quite a lot of time digging our car out of the snow and scraping off the ice. Remnants of the snowstorm. The snowplough was driving right behind us on the smaller roads which meant that we had terrible road conditions ahead of us. Not cleaned yet! Had some horrifying moments before reaching the beautiful and clean highway. Well, we survived!

Anyhow, there was some confusion about who was supposed to be where and when and thus we got inside our office a few hours later than anticipated. Had to kill some time in the newly opened T1 Mall of Tallinn, supposedly a ground-breaking centre, will have a Ferris wheel on the roof, etc. And it is the closest place (400 m) where we could buy food or other stuff. I’m not quite sure if there are any shops to my taste, they have opted for quite different ones, which, at least at the first glance, seem expensive. We did, however, have a wonderful meal at the Mahemarket cafe where we could combine our own soup for a variety of ingredients. It cost EUR 4. Nice.

Some signatures, instructions, agreements, and ta-dah, we had our new office in our hands. We got everything inside from the car. My husband then went for a run before his first client and I tried to visualise the office layout. I ended up moving three of the large white tables we had bought from the previous tenants into my office corner. They now form a large working space for me where I can spread out my plans for creative projects. Yes! I also created a cosy-looking massage corner. It will all get better soon, we need to put some kind of door/curtain between the two rooms to separate them. This will take some time. We also need to paint some of the walls, they look tired. But.. it’s a new office with its own toilet (no shower though) and kitchen corner. The cosiest we have ever had!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Well, we now have a new office which I love and where I will make lots of money for the house. Motivating! Moreover, as my husband was working in the massage/therapy room, I continued typing in the menus for my book. It’s much harder than I first thought. I am quite an intuitive cook who doesn’t follow the recipes 100% and I usually play around with them a lot. For me, it is a challenge to write down clear instructions and precise measurements. A kind of torture, if you ask me! But necessary.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Spent a many good hours working on that damn meal plan book!

3. Win a major race.

I had an indoor evening session planned. Group workout, running drills, 200-metre and 100-metre spurts. Though, but mainly because I ate way too many peanuts during the day and felt heavy. But… I feel like I developed a lot in that session. Plus, it is always motivating to be with other runners, especially the ones that I secretly envy.

Photo of the Day

Mommy, look at me parking in the heart of the city!

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