Day 838: Surprise-surprise, Snowstorm!

I am really glad I didn’t have to drive on January 2! While January 1 looked like spring and we thought that it might get warmer and the ice might melt in Kehra (where we live) as well, January 2 shocked us with a snowstorm. Where the hell did that come from? From hell, I suppose, quite literally. The previous tenants were moving out of our new office space but they were running a bit late. Thus, we agreed to take over the space on the next day. Huh, a relief in some ways. We were both not really healthy. Sneezes, dripping noses, sore throats… And the weather was possibly the worst for driving, especially with those small roads we’d have to drive on before we get to the highway.

We did go for a run in the storm. There were no signs of it getting better. At one point, I just said that I had to go. I get restless when I wait for my workout for too long. I went. I didn’t see a thing. My eyebrows and eyelashes froze. I struggled against the wind. I felt sick. I cancelled the hard workout and simply jogged. Like I said, not really healthy, and the weather wasn’t helping either! But what do you do if the weather is awful and you do need to go? You go. You put clothes on, cover your face, leave only the eyes out, wear gloves, and go. If you are a competitive runner, you will understand this. Sometimes you do need to go, even when it seems impossible. Well, I wouldn’t go if it was really like a hurricane or tornado… But snowstorm? Yes, go, and stick to the roads that you know and where you could easily turn back. Thunderstorm? I remember that once in the summer we had the running drills group workout. It was pouring and the lighting was striking but we still did the 90-minute training outside. Afterwards, I didn’t have a dry spot on my body. I looked rather drown.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

I realised that I cannot build a proper and beautiful money machine (e-book) if I don’t give it sufficient time. My project turned out to require more effort and thus I postponed the release date for another week. Otherwise, I would have had to upload the final version already!

2. Write AND publish a book.

Did continue working on the meal plan book. I feel that it is going to be a long one with loads of useful information. Hey, 31 days worth of meal plans is quite useful!

3. Win a major race.

Like I said, I cancelled the harder workout and jogged. I felt quite awful. I slept about 2 hours around 5 pm and this made me feel a lot better.

Photo of the Day

Who doesn’t love oven-roasted sweet potato?

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