Day 841: Why Wake up Early on Sundays?

Day 841, Sunday, the last one of the year aka December 30. I really wanted to wake up early to start my long run early. I didn’t. Maybe I was tired from the previous day’s indoor arena workout, which truly was a tough one. Maybe I have become a bit lazy because we don’t have fixed office hours. Up to some point, we didn’t even have a office! Anyhow, I got up too late for my liking, which meant that everything was postponed. I simply cannot go for a run when I feel too full, which means that I need about 2 hours of digesting time before a workout, especially before a long one.

Waking up early sets the pace of the day. Everything gets done earlier. And I feel more productive. When I embark on my run around 10am instead of 12pm or 1pm, which feels awfully late, I am tired afterwards and just linger at home. I don’t do many reasonable things. I don’t feel like starting anything. But I would like to. Every moment is precious. I want to use all the time I have. I want to be up early on Sundays, enjoy my run when many people are still asleep and spend a productive afternoon either cleaning my home or writing something. Better luck next time?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

I did work a bit on my book but not with much energy. At least, something is more than nothing. One day, this something could bring in notable amounts of money. Let’s keep hoping.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Like I said, I did edge a bit closer to the completion of a book.

3. Win a major race.

Due to wintry conditions, late wake-up, and tired body, let’s say that the long run (20K) was satisfactory.

Photo of the Day

A cat photo is always a good idea.

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