Day 843: No Place Like Home for Control Freaks

Day 843, December 28, Friday. The end of holiday visiting season. Finally driving home. No place like home but it did require over 4 hours in the car with two short breaks (and some genius parking from my part). I don’t mind visiting people but I like them visiting me more. I am not very good at staying overnight. At one point, I start feeling stuck, trapped, suffocated. For me, the whole concept of someone else cooking is not pleasurable. I love to have control over what I eat. Even when people ask what I want, the result is not always desirable. You know, overcooked vegetables, not enough vegetables, too much meat, too much food (I tend to overeat when given too much choice), dry fish… I like to think that I know best. I am the nutritionist, the food blogger, the food lover in the family. Everybody just leave the kitchen and let me do the cooking! That would be perfect! That’s why I can’t wait for own house. Then, they would have to come to us.

When I am staying at someone else’s place for a few days, my productivity dies. I did have big plans for my detox book. I wanted to get on with it. Impossible. Even when there were silent moments, I wasn’t in the right mood. Yes, I admit, it was nice to play board games and relax a bit. Still, I got the nagging feeling that I was so late with everything. All the things I wanted to finish before the new year… Ugh! I didn’t have any control over my productivity. I wanted to go home a day before planned. But we didn’t. We stayed and endured. The interrupted nights, the noisy days, the feeling of being stuck. The car did give me some sense of freedom. I could leave if I wanted! But still.. after 3 days, all this became too much. It wasn’t even the baby (although he was noisy), I was more annoyed by the grown-ups who had to comment his every move, thus creating more noise than the baby himself. After a while, it got tiresome.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

We left the house with the desire to have our own soon. As I spent most of the day driving, I didn’t do any work.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Not really in the writing mood.

3. Win a major race.

An easy run on slippery roads. We woke up too late to go for a run in the countryside so had to do it at home. The roads were quite awful! At least, got it done.

Photo of the Day

It’s great to be home! Miu also missed us.

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