Day 845: When a Forest Walk is a Good Idea

I will be perfectly honest: I don’t spend too much time walking in the forest, although I do love nature. Mostly, I run through the forest and if it’s a running day, I usually don’t have the time or desire to go for an extra walk afterwards. At some point in the winter, the forest becomes unapproachable anyhow: if the snow melts and the trails turn into ice fields, for instance. Then I cannot even run in the forest anymore. Day 845, December 26, Wednesday was a bit dull and grey but I did go for a walk. We were visiting my in-laws and the house got quite crowded as my sister-in-law was also there with her baby. For an introvert like me, this all got a bit too much at one point. I didn’t have a run planned either, so I really needed some kind of an excuse to get out of the house. I went for a walk in the forest. They do live almost in the middle of the forest, so there is nowhere else to go. And I didn’t feel like driving somewhere further, so it had to be a walk.

I wasn’t too excited about that walk because I have already run through all the forests nearby. There isn’t much going on. But. Maybe sometimes you don’t need to have something going on after all. Maybe sometimes you actually need some peace and quiet. I did. It recharged my batteries and I felt at peace again. When you are visiting and staying overnight, the moments alone become crucial. They help you to get back in touch with yourself and you can be a better and more sociable person.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

In the evening, we drove 6 km to my other sister-in-law’s place. We admired all the work they had done on their house (they built their own) and got some nice ideas. I do love their cosy office area!

2. Write AND publish a book.

I created a pre-order page for my next book which will be about kick-starting your body in 31 days. Includes meal plans and an easy detox.

3. Win a major race.

It was a rest day in the running world but I did do some core exercises.

Photo of the Day

Alone in the forest.

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