Day 846: Long-Distance Driving

I have been a long-distance runner for many years now. I don’t get bored when running for hours, this is the perfect time to be alone with my own thoughts. On day 846, December 25, Tuesday, I tried a bit of long-distance driving as well. For some people, these distances might seem short but for me they were enormous. Previously, I had driven at most 50 km at once. That Tuesday when we set out on a long drive to visit all the relatives who don’t live nearby, I drove 135 km and then another 135. First, we visited Viljandi (my husband’s sister lives there), ate lunch, and gave presents to our relatives. Then, we set out with some people from the same party to go to South-Estonia. Everyone from my husband’s family (his parents + sisters with families, a total of 14 people!) had gathered there but not everyone actually lives there. Oh, complicated to have such a big family!

We did look around for possible stopping places but somehow didn’t see too many. Suddenly, we had already managed to complete the first leg of the journey. For me, it was tough. I also went for a run in the morning and its effect was starting to get to me. When we reached our first stop, I had a horrible headache and felt exhausted. As quite a lot of the company were moving in the same direction, I was offered an exchange. But as a control freak I refused and decided to drive myself. I just had to prove that I can do it.

That long day showed me that I am the kind of driver who needs breaks on the way. I think, at least once in an hour. Otherwise, my upper back gets very sore and this could end with a headache. Once we had arrived to our destination, I did have to sleep for half an hour before I could do anything reasonable. Honestly, if we had stopped on the way (there were no good places for stops, small roads etc.), I would have felt better. If you sit for such a long time, your buttocks become sore, your shoulders tense, your hamstrings die… I really don’t understand how people can drive long distances almost on a daily basis. Don’t they get tired? If I wanted to train properly, I would consider it quite impossible. It kills your muscles!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Visited relatives who already live in pretty houses. Obviously, I didn’t do much reasonable things during the day. Oh, actually we did listen to investment and money-related podcasts on our way because the radio wasn’t working.

2. Write AND publish a book.

All quite at the writing front!

3. Win a major race.

I had to do quite a hard run early in the morning before we left. The evening before my mother told me: “Why do you have to run that much? 15! Better run 3 km!” Ha! No. If you want to get anywhere, you do need to fit your training into your schedule. I am glad I did. The pace wasn’t excellent but at least I did it. I am always slow when I go for a run straight from the bed.

Photo of the Day

The cat of my in-laws.

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