Day 847: Christmas Eve when I was a Child

My family usually gathered together on Christmas Eve. We ate, exchanged presents, watched TV, maybe played a board game. When we were children, me and my sister always performed. We practised almost the entire December for that evening and our programme was at least one hour long. I always wrote a Christmas play and we remembered our lines and rehearsed it quite a lot. We even had costumes! At one point, I grew up a bit and wanted to do a “deep” play. My sister disagreed and so we ended up with no play. I am 4 years older and wanted to do something dark and mysterious. I don’t even remember it anymore. I do remember that we had a play about Christmas witches, another one with the music of Peer Gynt, and something silly about dwarves. We always had a new one each year.

Of course, we always sang too and played the piano. We both learned to play the piano and for Christmas, we always learned a few extra pieces to be performed. Oh, that embarrassing singing! I did grow out of it eventually. But.. maybe this is even sad because we weren’t that bad. We were quite OK. We even sang duets. We danced too. And performed to the Santa if he did come. I have a rather embarrassing photo of myself on the knees, singing something written by Andrew Lloyd Webber (when we studied him at school, in the music lesson, I instantly became a fan). Oh, I remember now. It was ‘I Don’t Know How to Love Him’ from Jesus Christ Superstar.

To be perfectly honest, I am sad that I no longer make an effort at Christmas. Our this year’s gift exchange didn’t see any singing (except my mother who always sings the same song) or dancing. We don’t learn any verses by heart anymore. This year, I just needed to pat my sister’s dog’s head to earn a gift. How pathetic is that?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

A crazy day full of preparing gifts and getting ready for the Christmas extravaganza. No work. I did think about money and investing a bit because we were playing the CashFlow game. It was so much fun and also very educating! Does make you think about your income and spending.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Nah, didn’t write.

3. Win a major race.

Just a short and easy run.

Photo of the Day

My sister drying her dog after the shower. Even dogs need to groom themselves for the big night. The dog’s first Christmas ever.


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