Day 848: Let the Christmas Madness Begin

Day 848, Sunday, December 23 was a kind of a Christmas warm-up for us. As we both raced the day before, we only had to go for easy runs. For me, this meant 45 minutes of jogging. Afterwards, we grabbed our sports bags and drove to Kuusalu, another small place, but slightly closer to us than Tallinn, the capital. Our friend (who introduced us) lives there with his family and we wanted to visit as we had been away 3 months already, housesitting and studying in the UK.

We didn’t go to their place immediately but rather enjoyed our Sunday, our free time. We had already gone for a run but this was still not enough. We went to the local sports centre. The reason why we chose this one and not our own was the pool. But first we spent an hour in the gym, doing some strength exercises. Gym is useful, even for runners, but you do need to know which exercises and how many series to do there. Then, we went for a short swim. I swam 300 metres in total. That’s a lot more than nothing! Felt nice. Finally, we arrived to their house. An hour later than first planned but I knew that no one actually expects you to come in time. People are usually not ready if you turn up punctually. The evening was a nice one with lots of chats and some board game (khm, Frozen-inspired game because their daughter wanted to play this). It did end later than we thought. My husband actually thought that we might be able to start driving home around 7 pm. Ha! I think we left sometime after 10 pm. But this is Christmas. You drive everywhere, visit everyone. Or… you could be the lucky one who just has to clean their house and open the door because everyone comes to you. I’d love to be that person but first we need a house!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

A training and visiting day, so no work. We did, however, admire what they had done with their house. Sometimes, bringing down a wall is a great idea because it increases the space. Our craving for our own house developed a lot.

2. Write AND publish a book.

No time, no desire to write. One of those days.

3. Win a major race.

Just an easy run and some strength exercises. Preparing myself for future races.

Photo of the Day

This seems to be the only photo I took that Sunday. How come we never take photos when we visit friends?

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