Day 851: Driving in the Dark

Day 851, December 20, Thursday was the first day ever when I drove in the dark. Usually, if you go to a driving school, you will have lessons in the dark as well. The truth is that I actually completed the driving school 12 years ago and went back just to have lots and lots of driving lessons, not the full programme. The rules have changed in the years but I didn’t have to complete some things that are now compulsory to those people who start their lessons. Long story short, I didn’t practice driving in the dark. Like never.

On Thursday, we went to Tallinn in the afternoon and drove back in the evening after my group running workout in the forest. That was my first. The beginning was fairly well lit because it was in the city. However, at one point, we were on a big dark road. Wow, how dark it was! I was a bit astonished at first. Luckily, it was a wide road, with no one driving my way. A bit later, we turned towards Kehra, which meant an even darker road. It did seem odd, but only in the beginning. Where does the road end? Where does the ditch begin? Am I still on the road? It did get better. I guess, everything gets better once you get used to it. Once it becomes normal for you. Until then, you just need to keep going and going and going.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

I didn’t really earn anything directly. I did drive my husband to the city where he temporarily put up the massage table in a locker room. He had two clients that day and considering the amount of money they paid and our fuel costs, we earned a small profit.

2. Write AND publish a book.

I had launched the book a day before and was trying to market it. Turned out, I am not very good at this.

3. Win a major race.

Running drills workout in the forest. My first group run after three months away. It felt surprisingly good, even though I hadn’t done any running drills while abroad. Even the snow didn’t spoil the good old forest trails. Great to be back!

Photo of the Day

Finally, some Christmas decorations!

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