Special Announcement: Christmas Recipe Book Published!

I have not been very great at posting recently. But I have been working on my e-book, which turned out to be a bigger job than I expected. Anyhow, after tiresome designing, it’s ready. I did try to upload it to Amazon but the Kindle publishing messed up my design. Apparently, PDF is not the best thing to upload there. Better luck next time. So, I found this site, Payhip, and uploaded my book there. Later, I found a way how to upload my e-book to Amazon and not have its design ruined. Now, it’s only available on Amazon as a Kindle version. Go and purchase the book if you want to make healthier Christmas foods! I wrote about the process in length here, on a special page.

Scroll to the bottom if you want to know how to get the book for free!

What’s inside the book?

Basically, it contains 23 recipes, divided into 8 categories. All the recipes are nutrient-rich and many include lots and lots of vegetables. Many are, in fact, vegetarian, some are also gluten-free. The main categories include the following:

  • salads
  • soups
  • spreads
  • vegetables
  • main meals
  • bakes
  • snacks
  • drinks

Each recipe is spread onto 2-3 pages and includes the following sections:

  • short introduction
  • photo
  • explanation of why this food is good for you (which vitamins it includes, etc.)
  • ingredient list
  • cooking instructions
  • estimated calorie breakdown

Take a look inside

If you are wondering what it looks like, here’s a tiny preview.

What do You Think?

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