Day 855: Going Home

Day 855, December 16, Sunday was our travel day. It started rough. Around 00.01, we got onto a bus in London Victoria to drive to Luton airport. So, this is how one of the longest days began. At 1.15 am, we were at Luton. Exhausted, tired, dreaming of sleep. The check-in wasn’t open yet and we had to kill time in the landside part. Bought some food and a warm drink and spent a few hours sitting on the floor. A bit before 4am, the check-in opened and we started queuing for an eternity. Quite a few planes were departing around 6am, including ours, and so the place was a chaos! We moved super slowly and when we finally almost reached the desk, it was announced that everyone who was going to Prishtina, should come forward right now because the plane was leaving soon. A great horde of people rushed past us and we were left standing there, confused. We didn’t quite understand which desk was doing what. The announcements weren’t clear at all. Somehow, we managed to give our suitcases away around 5.10 am, an hour before our flight. The security check took 5 minutes! Huh, that’s why we usually travel with hand luggage only. 1 hour and 20 minutes at the check-in desk is a torture! Especially if you haven’t slept at night.

We landed in Estonia a bit before 11am. Home, finally! It was cold and snowy but it was home! Luckily, we caught the train we wanted and were home around 12.30pm. Miu, our braver cat, greeted us as usual. Mjauki, our timid cat, took a few hours to get used to us. When we had been home for a few hours, she came to us and slept on my stomach. Just like the good old days. All in all, the first day at home was like sleepwalking. I was putting things into their right places as my mother had moved them quite a lot. I adjusted slowly. Everything came back to me. Where things were. How to turn on the stove. It was good to be at home.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Didn’t really work… oh, actually I did! All these hours at the airport? Half asleep? Well, I did design my Christmas recipe book. Just a few pages but still!

2. Write AND publish a book.

In the middle of the night, I was designing my book and thus moving closer towards the publishing goal.

3. Win a major race.

Of course, I didn’t run. Just slept once we were home!

Photo of the Day

Finally, we got on the plane!
Basically, the only photo I took. Now, I am kind of sad I didn’t use the opportunity to take nice photos with that enormous Christmas decoration they had at the airport (and that everyone else was using for their selfies).

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