Day 856: Running in Cardiff

If you are a runner, then Cardiff truly is the perfect place to be. On day 856, December 15, Saturday, we went for our very last runs in Cardiff and the entire UK. In the evening, we started our long and tiresome journey back home. This time, we booked a hotel for day use. 50% cheaper than the normal price. We needed a base where to put our stuff and shower and dry off afterwards. Glad we chose this place! The weather was the worst we had seen in all the months we spent in the UK. It was simply pouring with rain and our clothes were super wet. I don’t think I had a dry spot on my body.

I did my last run on my favourite trail, the Cardiff Bay 10K. It is perfect for long or tempo runs but that Saturday was quite horrible. The rain and wind really tried to break me when I was by the seaside. This place was so-so open. If you are afraid of strong winds, don’t use the 10K trail! Still… I did see about 7 runners on my way. Even with such a weather! The trail is reasonably marked with green-white signs. However, it took me quite a while to fully start comprehending it. Basically, it goes around the bay so as long as you see the water, you should be fine. The views are splendid on a warm day, I totally recommend this trail.

Another good place for running is by the River Taff. You can combine the riverside with the Bay trail for an even longer run. The 10K Bay trail partially covers the river trail as well. From the riverside trail, you can go on to Bute Park where they also have the 5K Park Run every Saturday morning at 9am (the other park run is in Grangemoor, I guess). It is fairly peaceful and not too many people stand on your way. In fact, if you continue on the Taff trail and go under the bridge (near the Tesco superstore in Llandaff) to the other side of the road, you can go on for ages. My husband tried that trail and it isn’t really muddy or anything.

If you need to do some hill work, you need to go a bit further from the city centre. The hills are all in the Roath Park and Cyncoed area. I have walked up and down them quite many times. I have no idea whether there are any good parks with hills, I didn’t visit any. Possibly, you’d need to do the hill work somewhere on the streets.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Travelling day meant that I didn’t do any work. After my long workout, I was simply shivering under the duvet in the hotel.

2. Write AND publish a book.

No time for writing either.

3. Win a major race.

A hard and long workout by the sea and the river. It was tough but I managed to survive the rain. The speed was non-existent but sometimes it is just important to get it done! Afterwards, we went to the gym in the hotel. I did pick that hotel (Novotel) just because it had a gym. All of them had the same price for a day visit. Spent over an hour on strength exercises.

Photo of the Day

Sitting on the floor at St Dewi's shopping centre
Once we had checked out the hotel, we had some time to kill before our bus to London. Spent quite a lot of it sitting on the floor (all benches taken) at the St Dewi’s shopping centre. We weren’t the only people doing that!

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