Day 857: Running in Caerphilly

As someone who always packs the running shoes first, I do look out for running trails. At some point, I would have to go for a run and so my eye is already trained to spot them. In Caerphilly, you could do all kinds of hilly workouts, you know, the really tough ones! We lived a bit away from the town, in a small village. Basically, we lived up the hill so our runs started very easily, just running down the hill. Coming back was much harder to do! If you are after the hills, just run around the streets in Caerphilly! Even the name of this place has “hill” inside it! There’s an actual Caerphilly Mountain as well but it’s a bit further away. If you want a hardcore workout, you could try running up that one. Never been there, not sure if you can run there at all.

I didn’t try it but the gravel path around Caerphilly Castle seemed like a perfect place for some uninterrupted speed work. Not many people were walking there that you could stumble upon! Possibly, this could be different in summer, with people all over the place. I reckon the lap around the castle is about 2 kilometres. For running drills, there are some parks with grassy meadows where you could do the jumps. The Morgan Jones Park near the castle, for instance. Or the Aneurin Park a bit further away (we lived near that one).

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Of course, I had some more book designing to do, so I continued with my Christmas recipe book.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Hard work at the publishing front!

3. Win a major race.

Just an easy run, well, seemingly easy. I ran to the Tesco superstore to get some nori sheets for vegetarian ‘blood’ sausages. Our host was returning in the evening and I wanted to surprise her. And she was a vegetarian. Running to the store was fine, running back was hard because of the never-ending 12% ascent.

Photo of the Day

Caerphilly Castle from the inside
This was the day when we actually went inside the castle!

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