Day 858: Caerphilly Castle

On day 858, December 13, Thursday, we woke up in Caerphilly. This was our last house sit with two cats and a rabbit. We found it through the Trusted Housesitters website but then again, not quite! I applied for another house sit but we remained the second choice as some American girls were quicker than us. However, the lady said that her sister would also need a sitter for the same time as they were going away together. Her sister had had problems with creating a profile on the website so it wasn’t up there officially. We still agreed because I had been wanting to see the castle, the second largest in Britain!

On Thursday, we didn’t get out of our small village until about 3 pm. We both had rather long and tough runs planned, which we started quite late because we woke up late and then ate and then digested… After the run, we needed to shower and my hair does take an eternity to dry. I don’t like using the hairdryer. I dye my hair and think that’s enough damage, no need for hot air.

The Castle

The castle was about a 30-minute walk from us. It sits in the middle of the town and once you are there, you cannot NOT notice it! It is huge! We reckoned that the trail going around the castle must be a few kilometres long. Perfect for running! Yes, we do see running opportunities everywhere we go! A flock of barnacle geese were wandering on the grass there. No wonder, there’s also water and they are water birds.

At night, the castle lights up and you can take impressive photographs if your camera is decent enough. My phone takes fine photos when the sun shines but not so great ones when it’s already dark so I didn’t take any after the sun had set.

If you don’t want to spend £8.50 for the entrance fee (or £5.10 if you are a student like me), you can enjoy the castle from the outside. We did go in and it took us about an hour to go around the place. Being winter, it was a bit chilly. I wasn’t dressed properly either, the sun had fooled me into thinking that it was warmer. You can climb narrow and winding stairs to reach the towers and the view. The towers are connected at several levels and you can really go wandering around. However, I do think I prefer the castle in Saaremaa, the Kuressaare Castle because it is better renovated and has some hidden staircases and secret passages for you to explore! Oh, and it’s warm inside!

Outside Caerphilly Castle, there’s also a dragon lair where you can listen to a story. With smoke effects! That was kind of cool. I suppose, the children would love it. There’s also a wooden maze but it was being maintenanced when we visited.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Continued designing my Christmas recipe book, i.e. building my little money-making machine. I do hope it starts bringing in some money for the house and kickstarts my writing career.

2. Write AND publish a book.

I was a bit busy with designing my book, so it was a step towards the actual (self)-publishing bit.

3. Win a major race.

A hill workout. Not the easiest thing to do but Caerphilly is actually perfect for hill work! It also felt as if the illness was finally leaving my body. The run was tough but I felt fine. I could do it!

Photo of the Day

Posing with Caerphilly castle.
Just me and the castle grounds.

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