Day 859: Scoring Points for High-Quality Food

I already wrote about how living from other people’s kitchen cupboards ruined my intentions to eat balanced meals. During the last week of our housesitting journey in the UK, I suddenly decided to take back the control and start controlling my meals again. When abroad, it is so easy to eat random stuff that is not actually good for me. I try to buy oatcakes, bananas and other fruit as snacks but occasionally a supersweet flapjack, a croissant or a chocolate bar also slips in. It might relieve my hunger for a minute or two but I don’t feel particularly happy about it. After a while, my body craves for real food, wholesome food with lots of nutrients. When I think more about what I eat, I make better choices and feel better in my body. So that’s why I decided to try the system introduced in Matt Fitzgerald’s Racing Weight

The system is fairly simple once you have copied the points table onto a piece of paper. Soon, I will type it in and print out loads of them to make my life easier. You could score points without the table as well but I like the visual side of it. Better to keep track of what I am eating. There are high-quality and low-quality foods. You get plus points for high-quality and minus points for low-quality foods. The amounts also matter. For instance, the first 3 portions of fruit give 2 points each, while the fourth is already 1 point and 5th and 6th 0 points. First 3 portions of dairy products give a point each, the 5th is already -1. Each sweets portion is -2. So… the worst score (if you ate only refined foods, fries, sweets) would be -46. The maximum is 32. We scored somewhere around 22 points so could be quite pleased with ourselves. However, as soon as we started paying closer attention to what we eat, we realised that not all the things we eat score high in this table. White rice in your curry or a wheat tortilla in your wrap = -1 point! Fatty meat? -1 point! We do eat quite healthy anyway but this table made us think about our choices even more. I do enjoy keeping track of my eating quality and this method is very easy. No calorie counting! I just tick off boxes in the table and look for ways how to improve my score. Unused fruit points? Well, let’s have that apple then!

How do you keep track of your eating?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

It was a fairly crazy day: morning run, checkout from the guesthouse, annoying paperwork at university, train to our house sit in Caerphilly, back to Cardiff for my final class, back to Caerphilly… Late in the evening, I did manage to continue designing my Christmas recipe book which is supposed to make us rich enough so we could afford that house!

2. Write AND publish a book.

A fruitful creative writing workshop, the very last one at Cardiff Met! Again, my story went down well. Received my last feedback from the group and gave their my own as well. It is always great to talk and think about creative writing.

3. Win a major race.

I am not capable of doing a hard uphill sprint workout early in the morning so I switched the workouts and simply ran. Again, I am not in my best shape early in the morning so the run was so-so. At least, I did it.

Photo of the Day


The very last day at school. I had to visit both campuses, Llandaff for some paperwork and Cyncoed for my class. This photo was taken at Llandaff. It couldn’t be Cyncoed in any way because I went there in the dark.

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