Day 861: Street Names

During one of my many runs, I started thinking about street names. In the UK (and presumably in many other countries as well), the street names always have an indicator, which determines the type of the street. The street names almost always include “road”, “street” “avenue”, “lane”, “close”, “crescent” or something similar. There seems to be a need to determine the type of street. I once thought that all “roads” are big. Then… in Oxford, we lived on a road-type of a street which was about 50 metres long and had only about 6 houses. I do realise that “close” indicates a dead-end street but I am not sure about all the others.

In Estonia, it is different. We usually use only the specific name. For instance, almost every town has streets like Freedom, Oak, Park, Maple, Station. Tree names are very commonly used when naming the streets. There are some ending with “avenue” or “road” and these are usually bigger ones. Basically, even we live on “Waterfall Highway” if this name would be translated. Actually, we live on “Kose Highway” because Kose is a place about 20 km away from us and the highway is not exactly a highway…

Have you ever thought about the street names? I have because I am very interested in language and all its weird characteristics.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Did just a tiny bit of work on our train from Oxford to Cardiff.

2. Write AND publish a book.

It was my last Monday at the Cardiff Metropolitan University. My very last genre fiction workshop. This time, everyone introduced their ideas for the assignment. I got some great feedback on my time travel thingy.

3. Win a major race.

I didn’t go for a run because my training plan told me to rest. I did get quite a many steps in because I walked the dogs in the morning (before leaving) and we also walked quite a lot in Cardiff (all the way to the campus and back!).

Photo of the Day


Cardiff Christmas decorations in the evening. Right next to the castle.

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