Day 865: Oxford University Press Bookshop

During that week in Oxford, I couldn’t possibly not go to the Oxford University Press bookshop. They mainly publish scholarly books on education and English language teaching. And let’s not forget the extensive collection of Oxford dictionaries! I think the big blue book I have had for 15 years now (at home, in Estonia) is actually an Oxford dictionary. One of my friends will always remember how it fell off the shelf and tried to kill her…

The bookshop is easy to locate as it is on the High Street. I actually found it on the first evening when waiting for the bus to Rose Hill. It was simply staring right at me across the road from the stop. It may look small from the outside but just like Tardis, it is bigger on the inside. There are several floors below the street level. You can find heavy and expensive books about history, medicine, law, language (and language and language, this is the main thing there), and geography. There is also a selection of children’s books. I was after literary theory/creative writing books and did score two after looking through a number of them. I am really not interested in books that go on and on about some (dead) books. I am more interested in the creative writing theory. Thus, I left the store with Peter Elbow’s Writing with Power and John Mullan’s How Novels Work. The quick browsing told me these are not too theoretical and boring. Because I love practical.

Once I had bought the books, we crossed the street to get on the bus. The public transport system is rather agonising, will write about this soon… Anyhow, the number 3 is supposed to go every 8 minutes or so. We waited 37 minutes, spent 20 minutes in a traffic jam with the bus and walked the rest of the way.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

I actually worked a bit as well. A small project but even small money is better than no money if you want to build a house eventually.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Didn’t write but bought two books about creative writing (see above).

3. Win a major race.

An easier run that actually felt easy too. Finally. 12 km.

Photo of the Day


The bookshop.

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