Day 866: Other People’s Cupboards

When we housesit, we inevitably use stuff from other people’s kitchen cupboards. The homeowners encourage housesitters to use their foodstuff. Most of them have even told us to ‘rummage through the cupboards’ and ‘use anything you like’. Some have even asked what kind of food we like and stock up before our arrival. On one occasion, I was even given a generous amount of money for buying groceries, even though I only stayed for four days and the cupboards weren’t that empty.

I have found that living on other people’s cupboards is a disaster for my eating habits. We do buy our own food, usually stocking up on fresh fruit and vegetables. We do eat this stuff a lot and even if there is some at the housesit, we finish it on the first day or so. But there are days when it pours all day long. Days when we live in smaller villages, too far away from supermarkets. Days when we simply do not go to the supermarket. We don’t sit inside all day long. We still go for a run but I am not a big fan of carrying a large bag back home after a run (have done it fairly often tough). We still go out to walk the dogs but you cannot go to the shop with dogs. So… sometimes we need to rely on the food that hides in other people’s cupboards.

Some people do have chia seeds, whole grain brown rice, walnuts, lentils, peanut butter and other nice food that we like. Most people, however, also have chocolate, biscuits, crisps… I have to admit that I am weak. It is hard to resist if the food is staring right at me. This is the very reason why I simply don’t buy these things at home. Out of sight, out of mind. Oh, and I do hate when people bring me sweets. Why? Haven’t you heard me complaining enough already? I am already afraid of the coming Christmas. I have informed some family members that they shouldn’t give me sweets but never know… they usually do it anyway, no matter how much I plead. A big bag full of candies was the worst present last year. Give me honey, nuts, dates, figs, expensive coconut oil, peanut butter. Please!

The best way not to give in to the temptations is not to start giving in. Once you have made the first step, it is hard to stop. Better surround yourself with healthy foods, eat regularly, eat proper foods and you should be fine. Theoretically. I do long to be home where the cupboards would have just the right things!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

House-life in Oxford. When I have sometimes thought that maybe carpeting the floors like the British do, wouldn’t be that bad an idea, I began to doubt it. These carpets get ridiculously dirty! Maybe the carpets are not for us.

2. Write AND publish a book.

A long train ride to Cardiff and back. A creative writing workshop. Got a very good idea how to restructure the story I had submitted. Also had a tutorial about my assignment (due in January) and the tutor liked my idea. Win-win. I shall be writing/editing a collection of stories about Tallinners (Tallinn = capital city of Estonia).

3. Win a major race.

The training was tough. I didn’t have the power. Still not 100% healthy after the cold?

Photo of the Day


There were a few bikes at the Oxford train station. Just a few…

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