Day 869: 10,000 Steps

Lately, it has been argued whether the ‘10,000 steps a day’ recommendation is valid. It is thought that there might be better ways to stay healthy. The 10,000 steps goal was, in fact, a result of a 1960s marketing campaign in Japan (just before the Tokyo Olympics). Recently, doing 3×10-minute brisk walks a day has become more popular. These brisk walks get the heart rate up and you might feel out of breath. And they could be actually better if you do them fast. The 10,000 steps could be rather slow ones. It is crucial to challenge your body a bit, but just a bit (unless you are a competitive athlete like me). The main thing is just to get up and moving.

Anyway, this time I would like to examine the idea of how easy it actually is to get the steps in. I am using myself as an example. On my clients (nutrition counselling) I have seen that some of them struggle to reach 10,000 steps. I do recommend them to reach that goal because it is a good benchmark to have in mind. Personally, I don’t find it difficult at all. Maybe, only on the real rest days when I don’t have to go for a run.

A normal work day for me used to be:

  • 500-800 steps already in the morning at home, even with such a small apartment
  • walk to the train station, train to Tallinn, walk to the bus stop – 3,500 steps
  • about 1-hour run in the forest near the office – 11,000 steps (sometimes could be more, depends what I have in my training plan)
  • day at the office, greeting people, making lunch, going to the toilet, maybe a massage or two – 2,000 steps
  • bus, train, walk home – 3,500 steps
  • dinner and other stuff at home – 1,000 steps

Total: 21,000 steps

As you can see, 10,000 really isn’t a challenge just because I run. Even when I work in my home office and thus don’t walk to the station, etc., I go for a run or to the supermarket to buy food and still get the steps in. Some days when I have an official rest day from running, I might stay at home, do the laundry, take it outside to dry, take the garbage out and find 100 more excuses to walk in and out of our apartment. I love being active. I become tired when I don’t move. Exercise gives me energy, makes me feel alive.

As we have been house sitting and walking dogs twice a day, the number of steps has increased significantly. 30,000 steps are not rare. In the afternoons, we often go somewhere as well. We are away from home and want to see as much of the UK as possible. This is also why I don’t get much done. We are always running or sightseeing. Not much time to sit at a table and type.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Continued working on a project when I had finally got my steps in (long run, etc.).

2. Write AND publish a book.

Finished reading Octavia Butler’s Kindred. Then went downstairs and typed in the time travel piece I had completed while sitting in a pub. Turned out to be a long one! I always add bits when typing the stories in and edit on the go.

3. Win a major race.

Long run Sunday. 20K by Swansea Bay. To Mumbles and back. It was quite windy and chilly, so my pace was mediocre 5.14 min/km. Ugh. Not my best day. At least got it done.

Photo of the Day


Swansea Marina. The beginning of my long run.

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