Day 870: Mumbles

Anyone who visits Swansea hears about Mumbles sooner or later. This is the place to go. Let’s be honest, the city centre of Swansea is not exceptional, it is the seaside that attracts crowds. The long beach is wonderful indeed and Mumbles is at the end of it, about 10K from the centre should you wish to make a run for it. On day 870, December 1, we eventually made our way there. From the centre, you can hop on a few buses. The 3A is a tedious one that gets there by making a huge loop in the city first. Try the 2, 2B, 2C buses instead for a shortcut. We got off the bus at the Oystermouth castle and took a quick look at the ruins. All closed for the winter but we wouldn’t have wanted to go inside anyway. Walked around the place, there’s quite a jungle at the back. To get to Oystermouth, you have to climb a bit of a hill but I recommend to take a look anyway.

We then got down and continued along the seaside. There are many pubs and it used to a place for drinking, with people even attempting to drink at every single bar on the way. We simply tried to enjoy the rainy seaside walk. At one point, we passed by some boats. Possibly, Itchy Pussy is the worst name for a boat I have ever seen!

There are several cafés on the way as well. Glamorous Pierre (bistro), some Italian food at Verdi’s and of course loads of ice cream parlours. Wonder how they are doing in winter… People were sitting inside the cafés, but mostly sipping hot coffee. The tip of the Mumbles has a pier. It was being repaired when we got there and thus closed. There is also a bowling alley and games arcade.  We didn’t venture inside, not our cup of tea. Chose to climb up the stairs instead to get a better view of the lighthouse and the sea. Brilliant views, even with the fog!

We continued to walk onwards. Bracelet Bay, Limeslade Bay. Places for children to play (hey, it rhymes!). Lots and lots of benches. On a sunny day, it would be awesome to sit there, read or write something and look at the sea. That Saturday was a windy and rainy one, didn’t feel like sitting down. You could continue walking on the coastal path and go quite far, I think. We didn’t see an end to it. At one point, you could also climb further up via a muddy path and find yourself on the top of a hill. There’s also a nature reserve. All in all, there’s something to do for the entire day and there’s always a café or two for chilling or a bench for a picnic lunch. If it is not Sunday, the buses are fairly frequent and depart from various places. Just don’t take the 3A if you want to get back quickly!

Our Mumbles visit is also up on Instagram. Have you seen it yet?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

In fact, I did some work in the evening. A content creation project.

2. Write AND publish a book.

No creative writing. Continued to read Octavia Butler’s Kindred. Compulsory reading. Not really drawn into this world but can see how someone could be a fan of such writing.

3. Win a major race.

Participated in the Swansea Bay park run. A typical Saturday 5K for free. Only 192 runners this time (usually, the park runs have 500+ runners). 2nd place! Result not impressive, just 20.52 but it was very rainy and puddles everywhere. Couldn’t do it without getting my feet wet. OK, I guess.

Photo of the Day


My Instagram is flooded with photos of this day but I don’t think I uploaded this one. So, here it is!

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