Day 871: Running in Swansea

Like I already mentioned in one post earlier, I like to know where I could go for a proper run when I am abroad. If you ask locals, they might point to a park and say that it’s perfect for running and then it turns out that it only takes 5 minutes to discover all of its trails. Anyway, Swansea is quite a fine place for a run, especially for a long run. The promenade by the Swansea Bay stretches for almost an eternity. If you start around the marina, you could go all the way to Mumbles and see quite a lot of the seaside while doing that. It is part of the Wales Coast Path. Once in Mumbles, you can climb the hill and opt for winding and narrow trails (largely tarmac, but some muddier paths up on the hills), continuing on the Path.

On Saturdays, the Park Run is also organised by the seaside. A wonderful opportunity to get your tempo run done if you are able to be at the starting line 9am. It is free and a great way to start your day.

I didn’t really try any of the parks in Swansea but possibly you could run around them too. I did run in the Penllergare Woods. You could get there with the X13. Near the waterfall, you can try different trails (could be muddy) for about 5-6 km. I actually did one of my 20K runs there, circling and circling the place. These trails are a bit more demanding than the Wales Coast Path bit in Swansea, up and down they go. But definitely a good workout! Near the Tircoed forest village, there are some more trails but these are less popular, meaning that they are lonelier and you don’t see many people walking around. Some steep ascents and descents also included.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

A quiet day, not in the mood for work.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Did manage to produce the first draft of the time travel piece. We walked to The Old Inn, which is a cosy-looking pub in Pennlergare. Sometimes, I need to get out of the house to write. This pub-visit worked well, I got so much done. Possibly, I was the only crazy person sitting in a pub on a Friday and writing. Doesn’t matter, that’s life for me.

3. Win a major race.

Tried running again after a day off from it. Still not perfectly healthy after the illness, more like so-so.

Photo of the Day


Meal at the pub because we also ate a bit in addition to just sitting and writing. Ordered a curry. I guess, only the British/Welsh would serve a curry with chips! They tend to serve everything with chips. Oh, there was rice too, but chips!!


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