Day 872: Cats and Their Personalities

Day 872, Thursday, November 29. Let’s talk about cats. On this day, we were still catsitting. We were with Tommy and Molly, cats who had grown up in Dubai and abandoned there. And rescued. Anyway, that was not the point I was going to make. I wanted to talk about cats having personalities. Someone who doesn’t take the time to get to know cats might think they are all the same, just sleeping all day and doing whatever they please when awake. Well, they do that, pretty much. But they have their lovely personalities too. For instance, Tommy is older and timider than Molly. Tommy is a creature of habits. He mostly keeps to himself but when it’s time for his evening meal and the humans have forgotten, he will be very loud. He knows when he is supposed to have something. Molly, the younger cat, is a particularly loud one. However, she only has one sound for everything. It is hard to tell whether she is happy or annoyed or simply wants attention. Indeed, she is loud. Then again, she is a big softie underneath all this and climbs onto laps whenever she sees one vacant. And when she happens to come inside from the rain (it had been raining a lot) and is wet, she cries especially loudly and wants a cuddle.

Our own two black cats are very different when it comes to personality. Miu is older, 9 years already, and fairly independent. She often has that determination in her eyes and does what she pleases. She also entertains herself by running around the apartment. When she feels like playing, she gets that devilish look in her eyes but does not really intend to hurt us. Maybe just a tiny bit. My husband plays quite rough games with her and they both get carried away. She does have the soft side as well and occasionally sleeps on our laps. She doesn’t like being forced, she comes when she pleases. And at other times she goes about everywhere, exploring the entire apartment, searching for hard-to-reach spots where Mjauki couldn’t come and that could be hers only.

Our younger cat, Mjauki (about 7 years old) is a rescue and thus a bit afraid of people. We have more or less earned her trust but she does get scared if there is a noise or when strangers come over. When she feels safe, she walks around and talks a lot. Compared to Miu, she is the noisy one! And compared to Molly, she has a wide variety of sounds she makes. She kind of sings, even! She doesn’t really dare to look people in the eyes much but loves sitting just next to us on the sofa and being stroked. She doesn’t climb onto our laps but thinks we are safe when we are lying down in the bed. Then she comes to sleep on my belly.

Cats have personalities and I love them all. They are different, you just need time to get to know them. Oh, and I do like that they might not readily accept new people like dogs do. They take their time to get to know people and decide whether it is worth it. It seems to me that dogs accept new people too readily. Well, as a housesitter, I like that dogs become our friends so easily. Otherwise, we would be in big trouble.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Continued house life practice.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Not really a writing day yet. Still felt sick. But did continue to read Octavia Butler’s Kindred. A slave narrative mixed with historical fiction and time travel. A kind of surprising approach, written in 1979.

3. Win a major race.

Wasn’t feeling very well. Did go for a bike ride, accompanying my husband on his run. A total of 11 km on the bike. Not the easiest ride, up and down the hills, ugh.

Photo of the Day


I didn’t actually take any photos on that day. Here’s an old one of our Mjauki, the timid, yet loud one who is feeling quite comfortable on this photo. I miss our cats so much, saw them last on September 10 when I left Estonia.

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