Day 875: The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale is a famous dystopian story written by Margaret Atwood. Let me be honest: I was drawn to the story, although it progresses slowly. I admire how Atwood has managed to create a whole distorted world with its own rules and customs. It’s a world ruled by men and women are either handmaids whose sole purpose is to give birth, Marthas who cook for the Commanders, or Wives who are typically old an for… decorative purpose? Mostly, the wives cannot give birth anymore and the handmaids need to do it for them. The traditional roles of women are divided between multiple women, but there are also Econowives who must do all this themselves.

It’s a harsh world but I find it enchanting in some ways. It is so self-contained, an entity in itself, cleverly structured. The heroine is a somewhat disappointment though. Maybe we are too accustomed to brave and daring protagonists who live up to our expectations, who act out. But… she is not really that. She goes with the flow. Sometimes there might even be the urge to shake her, wake her up. Come on! But.. as we discussed in the class, we would possibly be the same in the same situation. In films, you see the daring heroines jumping off cliffs, etc. and surviving anything. This is not real. In reality, they would at least get a scratch or something worse on them. Do we want the heroes of the stories to be bigger than life or are we ready for the kind of everyday heroes that actually exist? Stories about ‘little people’, anyone?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Another day in Cardiff. Another mystery shopping assignment. Another meeting with a future house sit homeowner. So yes, apparently did save some money in some ways. For the house. That’s what I keep saying.

2. Write AND publish a book.

A creative writing and genre fiction workshop in the evening. Yep. Contributed to this goal a lot. I did write a small dystopian piece myself and got some feedback from the others. Turned out, mine was slightly funny. Wibblies from Wobblia. Might share it with you some day.

3. Win a major race.

Rest day in the running world. Did walk a lot though. Up the hill, down the hill, as usual for a school day. OK, I lied. I ran down the hill. 35 minutes to go and 5 km to cover. Got to the train station even a bit early. Try doing the same with a heavy backpack, I challenge you!

Photo of the Day


Afternoon in Cardiff, sky turning orange.

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