Day 877: Every Day Should Count

Some days are not as exciting as others. They just are. They are the in-between days before and after the more anticipated days. But they too count. They should count. They should be remarkable. We don’t have any days to waste, each and every one of them should get us closer to our goals. There’s no need to spend time, kill time, get lost in pointless activities, such as binge-watching TV. Every minute is important. True, some downtime is necessary, but it cannot be extended into hours and hours when you do absolutely nothing to improve yourself, improve your life.

In this blog, I try to make every day count. Sometimes I need to write the posts a week later but I try to think whether I did anything meaningful to achieve the big goals. It would be perfect to look back every evening or in the morning of the next day. This way, I could change things if anything needed to change, if I was going astray, for instance. I could start the new day on a blank page, fresh.

Every day counts. I don’t skip any days. Even if I am awfully behind with my daily posts. I won’t summarise them into something like ‘Day 800-770’. No. This is not the point. They are equally important. And they are equally running out.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Continued living in a house. In a borrowed house. This one is of a fairly reasonable size. Almost. I realised that I need a slightly roomier one. The kitchen must be spacious, superspacious. And the rooms must be well-connected so I could watch TV while cooking. This kind of TV-watching wouldn’t be bad at all because I would be doing something useful at the same time. Of course, it would possibly be a cooking show on the TV anyway.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Another Monday was soon arriving, so I was almost forced to write. An attempt at a dystopian story. A twisted tale of house sitters from outer space. Bit funny too. Typed it in and submitted to the forum. The teacher of this workshop changed after the half-term. We had to start uploading our pieces instead of simply talking about them in the class. Previously, I had the first drafts, almost like writing exercises, in my notebook. With the new teacher, I got to the second draft because this is what I type in. The second draft is good. The second draft is edited. A step forward for a person who hates editing their own work.

3. Win a major race.

A long run but not in my best shape. Still feeling a bit sick, sinusitis in the thick, yellow mucous phase. Yuck. I skipped the tempo run and fast forwarded to the long one. I felt dizzy during this one, but at least I managed it.

Photo of the Day


This is Molly, a loud and young cat. Funnily enough, she only has one kind of meow sound that she makes. When she wants to go out, when she wants attention, when she wants to play… At home, our cats have a bit more varied ‘vocabulary’. It’s hard to tell what Molly really wants! But she’s a cutie!


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