Day 879: Penllergare Woods

Our house sit took us into a small forest village near the Penllergare Woods. This meant demanding but exciting running paths (up to the hill, down the hill, repeat for an eternity). You do need to make an effort to be able to enjoy the view from above. It also meant that we had some nice places to walk for those times when we had time to spare from our runs. We did check out the wider trails near the coffee shop, took photos of the waterfall and admired the narrow tracks. I went for some runs there as well, although many of them ended up being a bit muddy.

The Penllergare Woods resembles a jungle… in the heart of Wales! I find it pretty amazing that you don’t have to go to Asia or South America for a jungle. You don’t have to suffer in the heat or pull blood-sucking leeches off from your legs (happened in Malaysia, it’s disgusting). You can find a rather civilised kind of jungle in Europe, in Wales. It is a planted forest, mainly planted by John Dillwyn Llewelyn back in the 19th century. Nevertheless, it doesn’t cease to be wonderful. This place has a small waterfall, wide paths for big groups, narrow hidden paths for those who love secrets. You can walk at the bottom of the valley or climb up, either from the slope or by using the stairs.

From Swansea, the X13 bus takes you nearest to the woods, it’s about 20 minutes from the train station. Once you get there, there is a toilet and a coffee shop but not much more places where to spend your money. It’s a charity-run place, so the proceeds of the shop (and the parking lot should you come by car) go towards restoring it.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Sick day. Caught cold a few days ago in Cardiff. Started with a sore throat, transformed into a runny nose. Spent most of the day inside and actually worked to make some money.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Due to a big workload, didn’t do anything creative. Didn’t even start with the new book that I had to read. A non-creative day overall.

3. Win a major race.

Not feeling well, I skipped the main workout of the day. However, when my husband went for his second run of the day, I jogged along. We visited the waterfall part of the Penllergare Woods. Highly enjoyable! The pace and heart rate weren’t catastrophic either, although I wasn’t feeling particularly well.

Photo of the Day


The waterfall in the woods.

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