Day 881: Estonians everywhere!

In his novel, To Have and Have Not, Ernest Hemingway famously said: ‘No well-run yacht basin in Southern waters is complete without at least two sunburned, salt bleached-headed Esthonians [sic] who are waiting for a check from their last article.’, referring to Estonian sailors who traveled the world and sent their stories back home and got paid for this. This quote has gone viral in its other form, namely, ‘In every port in the world, at least two Estonians can be found’ and Estonians themselves often use it. This usually happens once we have mentioned how much snow we have in the winter, how good our Internet connection is and how we invented Skype. Anyhow, doesn’t matter how the quote exactly went, there’s truth behind it.

Between two house sits, between Weston-super-Mare and Swansea, we spent a night in Cardiff in the River House, yet again. When I got back from university late in the evening, a girl in the kitchen asked me where I was from. I replied: ‘Estonia’ and was almost ready to start explaining where it is located. But she said in Estonian: ‘I thought I heard Estonian.’ Turned out she was also traveling and going for a house sit. And she was using the same portal, Trusted Housesitters. Well, if you look up Estonian housesitters there, you find only a handful, twelve, to be exact and one of them is us. And if you look up house sits Estonia… you will be offered sits in Finland or Sweden instead because Estonians are not trustworthy enough to let strangers into their house. There are other housesitting sites, but I haven’t really heard that anyone in Estonia would do this. So, meeting an Estonian housesitter is quite lucky. Later in our conversation, she revealed that she was also working as a freelance translator. I sometimes introduce myself as a translator but soon this might not be a major part of my identity. I want to be a writer.

The world is such a small place. And we are a small nation of only one million people. Yet, we can be everywhere. Amazing, isn’t it?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Had a small mystery shopping assignment, so ate a delicious meal and didn’t pay for it myself. Little money saved is still more than nothing. Can buy a light bulb for this for the house or something. Later in the evening moved into a new house. We were treated to dinner and it was amazing. Also, got an idea for our own house. We want the same kind of square table (sits 8 people). It’s much better than a long table. You can actually see everyone sitting at the table.

2. Write AND publish a book.

I was horrendously late but I did submit my new short story ‘The Inspector’ for the class to read and comment on. I really like how this turned out.

3. Win a major race.

This time, The River House was awfully cold and I woke up with a sore throat and not feeling so well. The run was a disaster. I even switched Tuesday and Thursday and opted for an easier workout, but this too was horrible. Drawback.

Photo of the Day


Almost every city has their own Christmas market. This is Cardiff’s.

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