Day 882: The Night Watch

Day 882, Monday, which meant it was a day spent in Cardiff, seminar day. This time, we discussed Sarah Waters’ The Night Watch. It’s historical fiction, it’s lesbian fiction, but the thing I take from this novel is the reverse chronology. The story starts in 1947, the second section is 1944 and the last one 1941. First, you read about the future and then trek back to the past. Waters seems to use this device to reveal the secrets of the characters and explains why they got to that point where they are in the story’s present. You know that they are alive, so it takes out some of the nervousness of the earlier parts. You know they will make it. This reverse world is slightly frustrating as well because you cannot see their future. Where would they be going next? Their world is bleak, containing too little hope in it. But it’s a postwar world. Recommended reading, definitely.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Well, we had a nice mystery shopping assignment on our way from Weston to Cardiff, namely, in Bristol. A rather expensive meal, superb food and we didn’t pay for most of it because it was an assignment. Money saved, experience gained!

2. Write AND publish a book.

Didn’t really write on that very day but spent a few hours discussing Waters’ book. Thinking about how writers write is pretty useful.

3. Win a major race.

No running for me, a rest day. But… the bus to Cardiff was late, we got to the hostel late, and I was almost late to class. Got myself one of the Next Bikes and cycled up the hill like crazy. Later, half-walked, half-ran down because didn’t want to walk down forever and it was 5K. Running makes everything quicker.

Photo of the Day


Mm, yes, the weather was nice in Bristol.

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