Day 883: Running in Weston-super-Mare

Any time I go on a trip, I try and find a place for running. If you ask a random local, they can point you towards a park, but this might not be enough. If the person themselves is not a runner, they might not fully anticipate the needs of runners. A park may be nice but too small, so you have circled it already in 5 minutes. The woods can be perfect for a walk but too slippery or otherwise inappropriate for running. And so on and so on. So, in this post, I shall share my experience of running in Weston-super-Mare from the runner’s perspective.

  • Seaside promenade: good for picturesque runs. It is wide, but if the weather is nice, it can become crowded and you need to find your way. All in all, you can run about 4 km on there.
  • Weston woods: better for walking because it is very up and down and the paths are narrow and not smooth. The paths are actually rocky and slippery. I only ran on one side of the woods.
  • Summerlands road: a former railway, now dominated by walkers, dogs, and a few runners. Only 1,3 km long, but fine for some speedwork.
  • National Cycle Route 33this is reasonably signposted and goes all the way through the city and beyond. It is long, starts in Bristol, and I used it for longer weekend runs. In the city, you need to stand at traffic lights to cross the street, but the part that goes towards Bristol follows quiet tarmac roads. The quieter part starts once you are over the railway crossing in St Georges.
  • Ashcombe Park: this park is located on a hill, so the perfect place if you need to do some serious hill work. There might be a lot of dogs at certain times (mornings and afternoons). For uphill stuff, you can also use the streets. Take any street from Milton Road, going up towards the hill and you shall have plenty of ascents.
  • Around Kewstoke Hill: by combining some streets in the city with Kewstoke Road, you can do a 10K run or a bit more on a difficult landscape of ups and downs. Cars drive on Kewstoke Road, so better be careful. From there, you can also go towards Sandbay beach, but not sure how the paths are there.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

It was a bit lazy Sunday. We waved goodbye to our visitors from Estonia, I went for a long run, we packed our bags to head towards the next house sit, we spent the evening in the pub where I wrote a bit. So, no work done, no money earned. No thinking about the house.

2. Write AND publish a book.

I did write a short piece for my class, that’s an advancement. Any writing is a success because I don’t do it every day. Sadly.

3. Win a major race.

A long run on the Kewstoke Road and a bit on the promenade because this was my last one in this town. Did fine.

Photo of the Day


I was writing a story but cats typically don’t care.

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