Day 885: Clifton Suspension Bridge

Whenever I think about places worth seeing in Bristol, the Clifton suspension bridge is the first thing that comes to my mind. This is what you see on many fridge magnets and other souvenirs. This is what you see from the bus when driving towards Bristol airport or Weston-super-Mare. It is magnificent to look at. The best spot for a glance is from the nearby hill, there are roads going up there right next to the bridge. On the way down, you can even slide down a cliff (not very high). Been there, tried that, slightly painful as the jeans were thin. Up there, you could visit the observatory and head down to one of the caves. Haven’t done that, the view itself is quite exquisite enough. You can take loads of breathtaking photos of it from every angle. If you walk on, you shall see the other side of the Avon Gorge as well.

Yes, you can walk on the bridge as well or drive a car there. On the other side of the main attraction area is the visitor centre with some history and activities for children. Toilets are on both sides. I’ve even run over it. I’ve run under it, too. I used to run to the track from Bedminster via the Greville Smyth Park. It is on the opposite shore of the Avon River, next to the railway. It goes a long way to the sea, perfect for long distance lovers.

Open since 1864, it is worth seeing. Imagine, it was built such a long time when construction wasn’t that easy and the result is awesomely strong. From the centre, you can catch bus 8 to get up there. The bus is headed to the Bristol Zoo, which is another nice place to visit. It’s a compact zoo (visited in 2012), but so smartly built that it doesn’t fail to surprise.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

It was a long day with family and travelling to Bristol, Bath, and then back to Weston-super-Mare where we were house sitting at that time. Didn’t earn any money, but spent some … on great books… and some clothes.

2. Write AND publish a book.

As the majority of the day was spent on various buses, I got pretty far with the book I had to read for my genre fiction class. It was Sarah Waters’ The Night Watch and honestly, this was the best one I had read so far during the course.

3. Win a major race.

We had to leave the house rather early and come back quite late. Luckily, it was my rest week, so I simply pushed the easy run into the next day and didn’t go at all.

Photo of the Day


On that Friday, day 885, we actually did go to the Clifton suspension bridge.

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