Day 887: Living Abroad vs Visiting

We had family abroad for a few days and day 887, a Wednesday and November 14 took us to Cardiff. I had a class in the evening, but we went a bit before so I could show them around a bit. Funny thing, they are actually my husband’s family but he had to stay behind to look after the dog that we are house sitting. While walking around with them, I could clearly see the distinction between people living abroad and people who are simply visiting as tourists. We live here and do not get excited about new things too much. We don’t need to buy everything we see. However, when people are simply visiting, they switch into some kind of vacation mode. They feel that they can treat themselves to souvenirs and other stuff. They are abroad to see things, collect experiences, and to spend. I have to admit when I am travelling, not living somewhere else like now, buying an expensive bottle of water or a snack at the airport seems inevitable. You need to do it if you want to drink something and have forgotten to buy snacks at a normal price. However, when we are abroad together, we don’t buy many souvenirs. We only need this one magnet from each city/town we visit. There’s quite a collection on our fridge at home. I do love looking at them. I have to admit that I sometimes buy clothes when I see a Primark or a Decathlon store. But not too much.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

The day was super busy, didn’t do any work.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Had a creative writing seminar in the evening where we discussed the work we sent in earlier and gave others feedback. Surprisingly, they loved my piece and thought it was already complete. I had intended to add loads to it but they saw it as finished. Well then, maybe it’s even good. I do tend to put too many things into one story. It can be shorter! We wrote something new at the end of the workshop as well. I didn’t get very far with the creative part but outlined the plot. Possibly, will submit for the next week’s class.

3. Win a major race.

Rest day but walked a lot while touring Cardiff with family. Later on, I had to walk up the hill and back down in the evening.

Photo of the Day

Lunch with family. Another visit to Wetherspoon’s.

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