Day 888: Number Magic

888, a magical number. The next similar number will be in 111 days. 8 is for infinity. Endless possibilities. Endless ways to draw an eight. You could start at any point and still reach the same conclusion. This does sound like being stuck a bit. The same conclusion every time. But not really. You could draw a fat eight or a thin eight. A straight eight or a crooked eight. Same-same, but different. Just like human beings. We are all different. Anyhow, this stream of consciousness is not really going anywhere. Let’s just finish by saying that I was born in 88. 1988, that is. At home, our apartment number is 23, which is in a way an eight as well: two cubed is 8. Oh, and my birth date is 3/3.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Thanks to a mystery shopping assignment, we had quite an expensive lunch for free. That’s a win-win. We could enjoy ourselves and not actually spend money on it. More for the house.

2. Write AND publish a book.

This was not a writing day but a reading day. Started a new book the evening before. A hefty one that needs to be finished before the next class. I also need to form some kind of an opinion about it and write a similar piece. Award-winning novel by Sarah Waters, The Night Watch. Written in 2006, it is a more modern novel than the ones we read before, although it’s about the 1940s. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

3. Win a major race.

Aerobic threshold run. Finally, all the training is starting to show. A new record, improved performance index, and a good feeling. Happy. I am getting there!

Photo of the Day

Some random street art from Bristol.

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