Day 891: Why Visit Weston-super-Mare

When I lived in Bristol back in 2012, I once took the X1 bus all the way to Weston-super-Mare because I was simply curious what that place was. Usually, when I was at the bus station, I would take the X39 or the 339 to Bath and then another bus to Corsham court, a real manor with peacocks wandering in the garden, where Bath Spa University had its Creative Writing MA classes. But back to the X1. I don’t remember much about this first trip. Could have been windy. Possibly, yes. I do remember the pier and the long promenade.

Weston-super-Mare, Weston for short, is a typical seaside resort, the likes of which you can find all over the United Kingdom. By ‘typical’ I mean that it has a promenade, a leisure pier where you can play all kinds of arcade games, several fish and chips shops, souvenir stalls, and of course the beach. I have seen summer in English resort towns only in Brighton and Southend and they were loaded with people. Let’s say that I like the emptier autumn beach of Weston more. When the sun comes out, it does get crowded, suddenly everybody wants to be on the promenade or the beach if the tide is low. The Bristol Channel has quite noticeable tides. The tidal range is supposed to be the second in the world. This, for the traveller, translates into cool ‘high tide vs low tide’ photos. The timetable can be found on the shore next to the pier and it is low 2x a day and high 2x a day as well.

The main attraction of Weston is the seaside. Do walk there and enjoy the views. In addition to the usual promenade, it also includes a closed lake, the Marine Lake, that you can also circle via a built walkway. When the tide is low, you can stroll along the beach sand. Stunning! Definitely, there are the arcades but I haven’t visited them due to lack of interest. Once the sea wears you out, you might head to the Weston Woods for some wild walks. This forest is on a hill, so lots of climbing included! Weston is not far away from Cheddar Gorge either (beautiful but you cannot hike without paying the full ticket fee, which includes the caves, unless you know a secret entrance or something).

Weston also became famous as the location of mysterious street artist Banksy’s Dismaland, a bemusement park, a fake Disneyland. Now, you can find some street art here and there, lots of it created by a local artist, JPS. Trying to find the street art can be kind of a treasure hunt!

Have you been to Weston-super-Mare? What did you think?

We spent a week in Weston in October 2018 + this week and the next week (November). Looking after a Staffordshire bullterrier and a cat. House sitting adventure!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

All quiet.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Didn’t write anything, but did think about some stories of mine that could be entered into competitions. As the deadlines are approaching fast, I should get further than simply thinking about it. I also listened to Gaudy Night, the book that I am supposed to read and analyse before Monday.

3. Win a major race.

The weather turned awful when I was doing my fast run. Pouring with rain. The rest of the day was, however, on the pleasant side. Considering this, I did quite well.

Photo of the Day

Low tide at sunset on Weston-super-Mare beach.

What do You Think?

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