Day 893: Wetherspoon

Whenever I get hungry anywhere in the UK, I first think of Wetherspoon. It is a chain of pubs, which I first got to know back in 2011 during a mystery shopping assignment. Haven’t looked back since, although Hungry Horse pubs also seem rather facinating. The thing with Wetherspoon is that they have several meal offers. For instance, they do different ‘clubs’ on different days. Tuesday is for Steak Club, Wednesday for Chicken Club, Thursday for Curry Club, Friday for Fish Club, and Sunday, well, for Sunday Brunch. These deals typically include a drink and are bargains. In addition, they have some other deals as well. You could pick two quite good meals and pay less than £9 for them, for instance. They are not very good at making the side salad with their main dish, but this is the case with most pubs in the world.

Usually, when I go to Wetherspoon, I use their dedicated app to order. They have free Wi-Fi for this (you could use it for other surfing as well). It is very easy to order from there and as someone who doesn’t speak English as their first language (even when I do have an English degree and another degree from an actual university in England), I find it comforting that I don’t have to shout the names of my dishes to a staff member over the noise that could be found at busier times in a pub. In the app, you can pay by card or use PayPal. Convenient. The food typically arrives in less than 10 minutes. It does mean that not all of this is made to order and some of it has been prepared before but if you want a quick meal, it is perfect. It’s a pub, not a gourmet restaurant.

My favourite part must be the free flowing coffee, though. You pay £1.25, get a mug and then refill it from the coffee machine as many times as you want, trying out different coffee drinks. I will be honest, I sometimes find it hard to sleep at night after I’ve been using this fillable mug too much… And it is not the world’s best coffee. It is good, but not the best. Definitely better than the instant coffee many people that we have house sat for seem to prefer. Instant? Ugh, no.

Wetherspoon pubs are all over the place, we even have two in Weston-super-Mare where we currently reside. They often put them into interesting historical buildings. Banks, churches, post offices, you name it. You can also find them in airports. We have dined in one at Stansted when passing through on our way to Barcelona (yes, it was cheaper to fly Tallinn-London and then London-Barcelona than using any other way, 40 EUR per person!).

Why am I writing about Wetherspoon? Well, we ate our lunch (Curry Club, yay!) there.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

A lazy day. Trying to gather my energy to start working on the e-book design. I mean, seriously work on it to have it ready once December kicks in. Didn’t earn anything, but did check some investments (they don’t need that much checking to be honest, so should do this less).

Late at night, kept thinking about testing some new gingerbread dough ideas. Why not make a big batch and then sell it when I am back in Estonia? The recipe, however, needs to be invented now.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Added bits to my house sitting diary that I keep in a small pink notebook. One day, this will transform into a book of some kind.

3. Win a major race.

Not the best running weather because of occasional rain showers and mean wind. 12 km at an easy pace. Why the hell was I super tired afterwards? The harder workouts of two previous days kicking in? Got better in the evening when I also did lots of strengthening exercises.

Photo of the Day

Curry Club at Wetherspoon. Beef Madras. Yes, it was hot!

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