Day 898: Crumpets

Day 898, November 3, Saturday. Finally, I tried making crumpets at home. As I am writing a Christmas recipe book, consisting of healthy recipes or healthy versions of traditional foods, I decided to give crumpets a go. I have never made crumpets before. Never. Only eaten them and enjoyed. Crumpets, also referred to as pikelets, are small cakes made of unsweetened batter. They are exceptionally fluffy and have lots of pores that easily absorb butter when you put it onto a hot crumpet. Leafing through Pamela Gwyther’s Great British CookingI discovered to my astonishment that crumpets are not baked in the oven but made on a pan. Hmm, something completely different! I didn’t Google Translate all the words of the recipe, so obviously missed the meaning of ‘gloopy’, which turned out to be a major mistake. Nor did I contemplate long enough about the differences between dough and batter. For crumpets, you make batter. For pancakes, you make batter. For bread, you make dough. Batter can be poured, dough can be kneaded. I know now. In Estonian, we simply have one word, ‘tainas’ for them both.

So… I tried making wholemeal crumpets. I did use double amount of yeast to make it rise better. I put lots of rye flour into my batter/dough and I do know that due to its smaller gluten content, it does not rise as well as wheat. Black bread, made of rye, is much denser than white bread. I come from Estonia, I love my black bread and cannot really understand what’s with that white stuff. I tried introducing a bit too much rye in the crumpets. Way too much. The dough (let’s settle, it was far from being batter!) did rise but it wasn’t gloopy. The secret of crumpets is a batter that you can pour, with a thick sour-cream like texture. Mine was… more like bread dough. I didn’t find any crumpet rings or anything that could act like crumpet rings either, although that house sit kitchen was exceptionally well-equipped and I thought that you could find anything from there! It was a kitchen paradise after all! Apparently, the house owners were keen cooks. Ideally, you would grease the crumpet rings, put them onto a pan, pour the batter inside the rings and watch it rise magically and for the pores to appear. I put dollops of the batter onto the pan and cooked it. The result was… not airy and fluffy like real crumpets but thick, dense, disgusting. My husband ate most of the crumpets and praised these monstrosities. I think, he was simply hungry. I don’t even want to look at the photos of my horrible crumpets. I did write the recipe down and did take the photos, believing that I might still use them for the book. Oh no! Later, I watched a video of making crumpets and realised how wrong I had been. Promise, will try again! And will create a proper healthier version of crumpets, which is also fluffy!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Continued our big house life and rummaged a bit more through the kitchen. This house sit was nearing its end and I was surprised and delighted to discover a new room upstairs. I had been in most of them, looking for Eco’s The Name of the Rose. They had many books, so I hoped that the very one that I had to read was maybe lurking somewhere. It wasn’t. The thing with big houses is that they contain more than you might need every day. You don’t visit each room every day. This made me think that a big house that we are going to have soon will continue to surprise me. So many corners, so many hidden spots that can spark the inspiration to write, to create… yes, I want my big house that would allow me to create in different places should I feel like it.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Listened to Eco’s audio book. It’s a long one. Tried to activate my creativity by re-inventing crumpets. Well, you already read how that went. Not all creative attempts are a success. Nevertheless, they are important. You must keep going to finally succeed. Sharpening the blade is as crucial as the actual cut.

3. Win a major race.

Participated in the local park run. Speed still non-existent but… the best ever park run result, not in terms of time, but my position. Shrewsbury park run which happens in the Quarry Park is a tough one. Should be glad that I finished 43rd out of 500+ runners, being the 3rd woman! Previously, I finished as the 8th woman. Improvement! No prizes given, park runs are free and mostly for fun. They happen all over the UK, every Saturday, always at 9 am (when my low blood pressure is still awfully low and I haven’t woken up properly).

Photo of the Day


Crumpets were too ugly to be presented. Have a look at a selfie with Daisy instead. A good day when she didn’t need her pram.


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