Day 899: Running with a Dog

Day 899, Friday, November 2. Mark this day in history as the day when I tried to go for a run with a dog. The shortest and easiest run of the week, 8 km (5 miles) at a casual pace. I was excited to try and run with Rose, the 12-year-old German shorthaired pointer that we were looking after (in addition to her mother Daisy, 14-year-old and with arthritis). Rose is a peculiar and lovely creature who would play ball all day if only we would throw it. First thing in the morning when we got down: Rose with a ball in her mouth, making a high-pitched whingeing sound, eager to play, about to burst of excitement. Any time we got back from the supermarket, run, walk to the town: Rose with a ball in her mouth again, desperate to play as if she never played before. We played 3-5 times a day but she couldn’t get enough. We would throw the ball, she’d run after it, sometimes in the wrong direction, bring it back, dropping it in front of us, staring at the ball intently, as if wishing for it to fly again… She never got tired! So, I decided to take her on a run, see how great her long legs are on distances longer than the sprints across the lawn.

First scoop-the-poop duty already 500 metres after the start. OK, it was supposed to be an easy run, can tolerate this. Afterwards, we made quite good progress, going down to the river, then crossing it and running at the riverside in the Quarry Park (a must for running lovers and walkers alike!) and further on towards the train station. She did need to sniff a bit. And… she wanted to run on te grass and kept dragging me towards it as well. I gave in a bit and let her take me through some bushes. I did consider turning around, taking her home and running onwards alone. But then again… I wanted to finish the run with her. It was better when there was only hard tarmac and no grass at the side. She didn’t feel the need to linger. There we could run properly. She was panting a bit but seemed fine overall. On the way back, she was obviously looking for a spot where she could take a sip of the river water, judging by her constant glancing at the river. I was searching for such a spot, too, but didn’t find any. Too steep. I urged her homewards, promising that there would be water. She did pull a bit, even with the choker on which is supposed to teach her not to pull. But.. must say that she was a good dog! I wouldn’t go running with her again because it’s not as easy as it looks. Dogs have their own intentions! However, a nice experience to have. Me, a dedicated cat owner, have been seen running with a dog!

Do you think she was tired after all this? No, not at all! Ball games were on the menu. More than once.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Kept dreaming about the house and discussed what it should look like, especially in terms of the layout. It is good to dream! Helps to retain the focus and make the plans clearer!

2. Write AND publish a book.

Started listening to Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose. Bestseller? Found it really hard to get into it. Later discovered that he intentionally made the first 100 pages demanding, a challenge that you need to overcome if you seriously want to immerse yourself in that book. If you want to live in the fictional abbey with the characters for 7 days, you must make an effort in the beginning. Not everyone is invited in. Must earn it!

This book had been mentioned about a year ago when we were studying Aristotle’s Poetics at university. Aristotle talked about tragedy. It is thought that he also wrote about comedy, which is in some ways a ‘lesser’ form, but this book was lost. In The Name of the Rose, Eco attempted to re-create Aristotle’s work on comedy and imagined that such book really existed and was hiding in a certain abbey. Because of this fact, I was rather interested in Eco’s work. High expectations, let’s say. I started listening to the book and also had a PDF file open with the text. Sometimes, I read as well while listening, sometimes I simply used my ears to catch the story. I was doing lots of other things at the same time, cooking, for instance. Honestly, listening to the story did help me a bit to get into the story. The actor breathed life into the characters that would have looked annoying and dull on the paper.

Didn’t write but got to know a phenomenonal book.

3. Win a major race.

Ran with Rose. Pace slower than slow but this is what the easy runs are all about.

Photo of the Day


In addition to running, tried a different kind of ‘sport’, bowling. My throwing skills are awful, not half as good as when I was half as young. Truly, at 15 I was a much better bowler than I am at 30! Sander managed much better than I did. I lost big.

If, after all that talk about running with a dog, you were expecting to see photos of me and Rose by the riverside, you can find them on Instagram!

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