Day 900: When Do I Write My Posts?

Day 900, November 1, Thursday. Let’s be honest, this post was not written on that exact day but on November 7, a Wednesday. I had some network problems in Shrewsbury. I could send email, surf the web, etc., but couldn’t upload any posts. I could have written them in Word, ready to be uploaded as soon as I got faster Internet. I didn’t. Somehow, I lost the motivation to write when I couldn’t upload them. No idea why. I knew I would have to do some binge writing. With the workload I had at the end of the month, I focused on my work and postponed all the posts. I wrote most of them on my journey from Shrewsbury to Cardiff and uploaded them while in my favourite Cardiff café. BBS at Queen’s Arcade. Well, they have quiet upstairs with Wi-Fi and power outlets + the coffee is awesome. What is there not to love? I first ventured inside after a rainy park run when I needed a warm drink and a place where to thaw. I’ve since spent some afternoons there, killing time before school, doing some homework, planning a recipe book, etc.

Once I get back on track with the posts, I would love to write one each day and for the very day that just saw its end. It’s quite hard to try and remember what I actually did when writing too long afterwards. Writing on the very day would help me keep the focus and push forward towards the goals. And wow! The first 100 days have just melted away! Bit scary, right? But… 900 to go!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Earned some more money. Practised living in a huge house. Kept wanting our own house. A quite normal day.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Continued writing down my recipes for the book. I try to invent imaginative intros for each one of them, so this means that I might have used a bit of my creative skills.

3. Win a major race.

One of the hardest workouts that I have ever had in my training plan. Uphill sprints. 1 minute up the hill, repeat 10-12 times. Warm-up and cooldown are the easy parts but the actual hill… ugh, this is my weak spot! My thighs burn! I am fine for the first 20 seconds, then I start dying and cannot wait for the minute or the ascent to end! The more I hate it, the more I need to do it because it means that I am not yet good at it and must improve. Overall, it was better than 2 weeks ago when I had my first hill training, after which I was incapable of proper quality training for five days and when my runs could have been called ‘run-like products’. You know, like the ‘cheese-like product’ that they sometimes sell, the cheaper alternative. It tastes awful, by the way.

Photo of the Day


When dogs make their own beds… on colder days, it definitely is warmer when it is folded in half. Actually, it’s Rose (the dark brown dog) who folds it like this. Daisy just tried to fit on it as well.

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