Day 901: Laura’s Tower – Shrewsbury

Although I had a huge deadline hanging over my head like an axe ready to kill, I was determined to go to the centre of Shrewsbury, namely, the castle, to do some sightseeing. I did work a lot on day 901, which was a Wednesday, October 31. Halloween. The day was gloomy but it did result in some dramatic photos. So, we walked to Shrewsbury castle to walk around the castle grounds. There is a museum as well but we didn’t intend to go in anyhow. The views and the exterior are much more exciting. For us, anyway. Looking at ancient stuff is not really our thing. I do understand that it excites people but I am not much about tiny details. I like the big picture, meaning, the view. The castle grounds are not huge, takes only a few minutes to go through it. However, Laura’s tower, which you can reach via a bit hidden (love hidden stuff!) staircase, is worth a visit. You cannot go inside the tower but the outside offers plenty of photo opportunities. From the platform next to the tower, you can also see the railway tracks and a bit of the town. It might give a clearer picture of how Shrewsbury is laid out. I have to admit that I was confused about even after almost two weeks there! The river and the undulating streets contribute to making it a task for the brain gymnastics.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Work-work-work. Major rush towards the finish line. Do think that I hated my computer afterwards. But it had to be done. Money for the house and so on.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Obviously, no creative progress as I was going crazy over work. Not even a blog post!

3. Win a major race.

Was supposed to be a tough uphill sprint day, but due to period pain I switched Wednesday and Thursday workouts and did 12 km at 146 (heart rate) instead, 10 beats below the aerobic threshold. Due to the cramping stomach and aching back, not the easiest… + I got an awful pain in my ribcage. Dislocated rib or something on the right. Again. Tends to happen when I work too much. Yes, all the sitting can kill you. It does sound horrifying but it is simply something that keeps happening to me. Luckily, I am married to a physiotherapist who can do some soft tissue therapy (kind of massage but more painful) on it. For me, the manual therapy doesn’t work that much. It is usually the muscles that hold it in the wrong place and the ‘cracking’ doesn’t help.

Photo of the Day


Photos of the castle and Laura’s tower are on Instagram. This is an interesting piece of architecture, just outside the castle. If you see this yellow house (and a matchin yellow car), you know that you are almost inside the castle.

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