Day 902: Deadlines

Day 902, Tuesday, October 30. End of the month, a deadline approaching. I like deadlines. They discipline me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t get anything done. The thing is that I plunge into projects with great enthusiasm but this can often die. Mainly because I find a new project to plunge into. With some projects, especially school work, I even like to start as early as possible and finish well before the actual deadline. If I leave it to the last minute, I feel suffocated. Better just do it and get it out of the way! However, I do leave things hanging in the air for an unspecified period of time as well. And then I need to rush. Which I hate. Rush means being superficial. I don’t want to be shallow and superficial. Although… with all the things that life has to offer, sometimes you need to be just that in order to deal with the things that really interest you. I do think I have filtered out the things where I truly put my dedication in and the ones where I allow myself to be a bit superficial. In the ideal world, though, I would only be doing the things that I love and that wouldn’t even inspire the thought of being superficial.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Typing furiously on my keyboard because ‘the end of the month’ which seemed an eternity away always comes knocking, oh, so suddenly! And with it, the deadline. The project was much large than I had realised. Bad and good. I did have to make a real effort and rush it but it also meant that I would be getting paid even more than I thought I would. Nice house, here I come! Or more likely, first I shall have more time to dedicate myself to those special projects that will bring in some serious money but first require lots of time to be created before they transform in the so-called money machines. Earning money will buy me time to make more money.

2. Write AND publish a book.

With the work rush, I didn’t have time to pursue any creative goals. I did read, which also feeds my imagination, a writer’s imagination, and could be useful for sharpening my skills. The same book as the day before, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. Of course, she is not fine! You need to read it to know in which ways she is un-fine.

3. Win a major race.

Running comes first even when I have a deadline. The morning started with breakfast and I did work while digesting it, but went for a run afterwards. The bittersweet 15 km on the aerobic threshold, i.e. not the hardest run, but still quite an effort. I am always nervous before this one but succeeded greatly this time. Should have even run faster, my heart rate was even too low. Good to know that even the sore aching glutes could not hold me back!

Photo of the Day


With me being busy, we didn’t go into town but did play with the dogs on an open field. I even managed to colour my hair with all that business!

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