Day 905: Hello, Cold

The first cold-cold day. The grass was covered with a layer of frost in the morning. I kind of hesitated when dressing for the 5K park run that I planned to attend. I did go eventually. All the other people were there, too, many of them dressed in a Halloween costume. Some even in shorts. Huh. I do come from the North and do know what snow is but this seemed a bit too much. The British have a weird approach towards the colder days. They continue to dress the same way they did when it was 10 degrees warmer and when I looked at them and thought that they were wearing a bit too much…

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

The same old-same old, continued to work on a large translation project. Will be paid well for this one. Also, pursued my Christmas recipe book and made some good progress.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Creative juices flowing on the recipe creation front. Made some sweet potato fries and three types of nut and fruit balls. Have you ever tried a cranberry-pecan nut ball with some peppermint? Do it, it’s delicious!

3. Win a major race.

OK, participated in the Shrewsbury Park Run. Ugh. Up the same hill twice. This really killed my legs. And my lungs. As if racing early in the morning wasn’t bad enough. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting up early because it gives me the feeling that I have the entire world and all the time in the world to play with, but my low blood pressure means that I need a few hours in the morning to fully wake up and get myself going. Finished with 21:43, a shameful result, which meant that I was 8th woman. Overall 62nd out of 500+ runners. OK, can live with it. At least I went there and made an effort.

Photo of the Day


Fruit and nut balls! It is worth making them yourself because the fruit and nut bar prices at the supermarket are exorbitantly high. I know, I have been buying them too much. Not good for your budget. To make them yourself you need some kind of nuts or seeds and an equal amount of dried fruit. Blend together and shape into balls. As easy as that!

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