Day 908: Dogs Eat Carrots

Dogs eat carrots. Oh, yes, they do. Usually, when we chop veggies (or do anything else related to preparing a meal) at home, our cats would come into the kitchen, curious to find out what’s cooking. When they find out it is not chicken (they are crazy about chicken!) or fish, they leave. From afar, beetroot etc may seem exciting for them but if we let them sniff it, they decide it is not worth the pursuit. It’s different with dogs. Our current house sit cuties, mother and daughter German shorthaired pointers, Daisy and Rose were quite interested in our carrots. Well, we don’t know too much about dogs, still learning, so I Googled ‘foods that you can give to dogs’ before we actually gave them some pieces of carrot. Fortunately for them, carrots are on the list of ‘yes, give it to your dog!’. And they enjoyed it!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

First full day in a big house without its rightful owners. I do like the sunroom. Some also call such extensions conservatory. We do need something like this for our own house one day. I also continue working on a large translation project and kept building my ‘money machine’, i.e. recipe book.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Skipped a creative writing class. I know, it’s awful because this is why I am in the UK after all. If I had found tickets for a reasonable price, I would have gone. Even if it is 2 hours away… We chose Shrewsbury because I would have half-term/free week coming up with no classes so we could be slightly further away from Cardiff. I only had to miss one class. However, I did submit my children’s story for the others to read and also wrote feedback for others. I sent the feedback on that very day. This means that I was thinking about the writing process at least.

3. Win a major race.

Hilly fartlek. Didn’t work quite as planned. It works in Estonia because we have a perfect forest for this, with roads winding up and down. The Quarry Park in Shrewsbury is lovely but the uphill parts are too long for a fartlek. I wasn’t very happy with my speed, it has been sucked into some kind of black hole. Or maybe I am too tired because the dogs make me blow my step count every day? 20,000 is a normal day. 30,000 on days when I have a longer run. In Estonia, I had much fewer steps, even when I walked 6 km every day (because of where we live and getting onto the train, etc.).

Photo of the Day


Dogs waiting for their share of the carrot!

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