Day 910: Back in Cardiff for a Night

We are between two house sits, having a day in Cardiff, mainly because I also had to go to class. It will be Shrewsbury next!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Another busy day when I didn’t have the time to earn money for the house nor think about it. One housesit finished, we took the train to Cardiff because I had a workshop in the evening and checked into a hostel for a night. River House, the cosiest and most beautiful hostel in Cardiff. YHA does have large rooms and ensuite bathrooms but is quite impersonal and the kitchen is not as well equipped as that of the River House.

2. Write AND publish a book.

The workshop went down extremely well. I managed to present quite interesting points from the article that I read in haste before the class, just to get something done! Susan Cooper’s The Dark Is Rising sequence viewed from the perspective of time. Several times merging into one, coexisting, yet apart. Time is universal. Some things that happen in the story are also universal. I did both the tasks, the theoretical overview and the creative writing one. Well, the latter was basically the same that I wrote for Wednesday, but in Monday’s class I simply explained the underlying ideas, my thought process, themes of the story and where I wanted to get with this one. People are more excited about kratt than I am. Still, my own excitement increased a bit as well!

3. Win a major race.

One of the rare rest days in my training plan but did manage to get 20,000 steps in. Mainly because I walked to Cyncoed campus and back down again. 3 miles/5K each way + we walked around Cardiff a bit in the afternoon and to the train station in the morning (Weston-super-Mare). Active rest.

Photo of the Day

One of the many arcades in Cardiff where you can walk away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger shopping streets. Small and cosy shops that look smaller on the outside. Ventured into an awesome bookshop, which had a basement floor and another one upstairs. So many books! Didn’t buy any, my suitcase is constantly exploding… Did buy this sweater and a lovely 3-in-1 softshell+coat jacket from Mountain Warehouse the other day… and a special bag that helps to get some air out of your clothes and compress them. I will throw some older and uglier things away before we fly back home, I guess. Or give them to charity.

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