Day 912: No Phone Calls

Anyone who knows me better knows how much I loathe phone calls. It’s a happy day when my phone doesn’t ring. Somehow, a phone call feels like something that invades my privacy or a messenger of bad news. Some of the worst news (death) was indeed delivered by phone. But… I disliked phone calls already before that awful January day. Usually, I don’t pick up. If it’s a stranger, I then google the number. Most likely, I will be blocking that number, especially if it’s a salesman’s. They have no right to invade my privacy.

Probably, this is an introvert thing. I feel much safer with emails. I choose when to read them and if I want to read them, they do not crash into my reality. It is also a kind of social anxiety. Might be linked to glossophobia, which I also somewhat experience: the fear of speaking up and being criticised or not heard. I actually like to perform but I hate it when I have to catch someone’s attention. I love it when it is organised, when I am given a turn to speak. Still, I do tend to interrupt others and try and get a word in our creative writing workshops. I feel safe there, I feel that I know about the subject and want to be heard.

Making phone calls is even worse than answering them. I might spend an entire day, getting ready for a phone call, nervous for hours and hours. And then I would sweat when dialling the number. After the first sentences, it usually gets better and I regain my confidence. Once the call is over, my heart rate slows down again and I feel calm. Done! Until the next one! Possibly, it’s the fear of being turned down, criticised, judged. I always wanted to be the best. I was. More or less. At school. Until I got really tired because I also loved to get involved with too many things at once. I still want to be the best but do think that the fear of failure might be holding me back a little. But I keep going forward. I will get there eventually.

And here I am now, right in the middle of a house sitting adventure, living in a stranger’s apartment for a week and walking someone else’s dog. For some reasons, I am not afraid of adventure. I might avoid phone calls but can willingly travel abroad, even to Asia, all alone (this was in 2014) and without a return ticket.

Currently, I am rather happy to be using a temporary UK SIM card. They were handing them out to international students when I arrived. I am mostly using it because of the free Internet and free SMS – useful when contacting the house owners during this housesitting adventure. Only a few people have my number. No annoying phone calls from salesmen. I have had the same number for 15 years, it’s everywhere. This does drive me crazy. I have been inserting it (unwillingly) into forms here and there and finally, it leaked from one of them (I was emailed about the leak) and I started getting all those spam calls. Ugh. Not the best thing if you dislike phone calls. Fortunately, my phone is silent by default.

How about you? Do you like phone calls?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Earned some money for the house as I had some translation work on hold. Gave some thought about the house as well. Should we have an extra bedroom, maybe even an ensuite with a separate entrance, so we could use it to earn money via Airbnb? Certainly, some people would like to stay a bit further away from Tallinn and experience a smaller place.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Worked on my housesitting diary, almost getting to the current date. I am so behind! Phew! My husband was away in London, at a physiotherapy course, so I walked to a beach cafe, bought some ice cream and a coffee and sat there, writing. I also started reading the third book of The Dark is Rising sequence, GreenwitchHave to admit, I like this better than the second book that was too focused on a quest, acquiring magical signs, etc. Will form some kind of opinion about the children’s fantasy series soon.

3. Win a major race.

Oh, that was hard. Warm-up, 6 km speedwork, cooldown. Didn’t really achieve the pace I needed, but I did it. My legs were still hurting from the uphill sprints of Wednesday. It will get better. It was better in the evening after I had walked the dog again and been on a walk without the dog as well. Time heals.

Photo of the Day


There I was, writing away!


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