Day 913: Little Things

There is something special about the daily routine and the little tasks we do every day. I do love trying out new exciting things, going abroad, etc. but I also rejoice in the simplest things. After all, these are necessary to stay alive and make up a large portion of our lives. Most of all, I enjoy doing them with my husband. Going to the supermarket, cooking a meal, running, doing the laundry… Well, let’s be honest, I do enjoy going to the supermarket alone even more because buying food is one of my most favourite activities and alone I can buy more… He tends to be the voice of reason that keeps holding me back. Which is actually good as I was moaning about the amount we spend on food earlier. Well, I don’t spend huge amounts but I like to wander around in the store, especially when abroad and faced with new products. And I do reach out for the best price-quality ratio, I do.

Day 913, a Friday (almost the 13th, October 19) was a day of little things. Woke up, ate some mango (light snack because we wanted to be off), went for an easy run, ate a bit more and drank coffee, took the dog that we are looking after for a super long walk on the beach in Weston-super-Mare, bought the dog and ourselves some ice cream (they sell a special one for dogs, reduced sugar, etc.), wandered in the sunshine along the beach (just check the Instagram for more photos), collected train tickets from the station (he has a physiotherapy course in London), went to the supermarket (well, I did, he took the tired dog home), made lunch, ate lunch and watched Doctor Who, napped, read a book, took the dog for an evening walk and played ball with him, made a proper dinner and some houmous, watched some more Doctor Who, did some exercises on the carpet (stretching) while trying to avoid the dog (that bloody thing likes to lick!), let the dog out for one last time in the evening… little things add up and form the entire day. Days form weeks, months, years… It all starts with little acts. Achieving your dreams is the same.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Didn’t earn a penny but promised to participate in a project that will bring in some more money for the house. Exciting!

2. Write AND publish a book.

Read a bit more of Susan Cooper’s The Dark Is Rising (yep, book 2). Will have to form some kind of opinion about it before Monday and try my hand at quest fantasy. Didn’t really write but played with the idea of what I should write in my head. The world, I shall soon give you kratt!

3. Win a major race.

Just an easy run this time. My legs were still dead from the uphill sprints. Even going down the stairs was painful! My thighs just hurt so much. But the easy run went reasonably well and is essential for quicker recovery. Gets the blood circulating in the legs.

Photo of the Day

Just me somewhere, enjoying the simple pleasure of walking a dog on the beach in mid-October! Stunning weather!

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